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Joe Hopkins

A New Spirituality Is Emerging

  • A New Spirituality is emerging. The New Spirituality will never condemn traditional religions, but seek always to include it in the process by which divine truth continues to be revealed.

    There are too many treasures in your religious traditions to abandon them. The future of humanity with regard to religion is not about desertion, but dissection, not about rejection, but rejuvenation.

    What humans will do in the years just immediately ahead is begin to dissect their religions, looking at them closely, exploring them piece by piece, examining them doctrine by doctrine, to see what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense, what is functional and what is dysfunctional, what works and what doesn’t work in tomorrow’s world.

    Then they will rejuvenate those traditions, gently releasing what is no longer beneficial and adding new insights, new ideas, and new truths, born of the new awareness and the expanded consciousness that will be the basis of the New Spirituality.

    Gone will be the teachings of an angry, jealous, punishing Deity. Gone will be the moral justifications for vengeance and retribution. Gone will be the doctrines of exclusivity and “betterness” that have cast their shadow across the face of many religions in the past.

    And alongside religion will stand a new form of human expression of the impulse toward the Divine, an expression that will not be rooted in codified texts and teachings, but in the moment-to-moment experience of each person sincerely seeking God.

    This will not occur through the leadership of one person, but through the leadership of many.

    It will begin through the process of waking up. That will be the first step. Many people will suddenly awaken.

    There are many things that will occur during this awakening. Some of them are occurring right now. All will add to the creation of critical mass around the idea that there “must be another way.”

    There must be another way to do religion. There must be another way
    to do politics and governance. There must be another way to do business with each other. There must be another way to educate our children. There must be another way to have relationships. There must be another way to live our lives! A way that makes “sense.” A way that “works.” There must be another way.

    There is. It will be called the New Spirituality, and it will extend into all areas of life, not just religion, because there is no area of your life that is not a “demonstration” of what you deeply believe about Life Itself.

    As more and more of you embrace Tomorrow’s God and practice the New Spirituality , more and more of you will be calling more of what you see all around you unacceptable. Not because it is “wrong,” but because it simply is not who you are and who you now choose to be. Neither individually, nor as a society.

    Humanity is now growing impatient to do something about what it is seeing. In the very near future, humans will observe with greater clarity, objectivity, and honesty the role of religious teachings and doctrines in the creation of the many Cultural Stories that are producing continuing distrust, hatred, violence, and killing on your planet.

    Each person will do what she or he is called to do, but few people will do nothing, for it will become increasingly and more widely apparent in the months and years just ahead that the time has come for ordinary, everyday people to take things into their own hands and stop relying on others—much less “authorizing” others to create humanity’s collective tomorrow.

    Humanity will soon become aware that humanity has been betrayed. It has been betrayed by the very individuals, organizations, and agents that it had entrusted to safeguard its well-being.

    Humanity will soon understand that humanity has been undermined. It has been undermined by the very doctrines, teachings, and beliefs that it had imagined would free it from its limitations and, more important, from its suffering.

    Humanity will soon awaken from its long slumber to notice that a new day has begun, and to decide whether it will be the darkest day in human history, or the dawning of its brightest tomorrow.

    In the year’s just ahead millions of individuals will be catapulted to the edge of their consciousness, to the limit of their understanding, perhaps even to the brink of despair—yet not beyond the point of no return, not beyond the time of deciding, not beyond the moment when magic can occur.

    And those whose minds have not been closed, those whose hearts still beat boldly, those whose soul can be heard, will declare their membership on humanity’s team, and move with thunderous power and lightning speed to reclaim the future.

    On that day will you thank, and embrace, Tomorrow’s God. For Tomorrow’s God will inspire all of this.

    “Conversations with God,” – books 1-3, an uncommon dialogue inspired by God and its author Neale Donald Walsch is a leading documentary serving to prepare humanity for this transition.