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Joe Hopkins

Death Is Reversible

  • Death is reversible. The Process of “Death” has three stages. In stage one, at the moment of your death, you will instantly experience that life has gone on. This will be the same for everyone. There could be a brief period of disorientation, as you come to realize that you are not with your body, but, instead are now separate from it. Soon you will come to understand that while you have “died,” you have not ended your life. It is in this moment that you will realize and experience fully, perhaps for the first time, that you are not your body; that a body is something you can have, but not something you are. Immediately, you will move into stage two of your death. And this is where individual paths diverge. In the second stage of death you experience whatever you expect to experience, based on what your “mind” believes will happen to you once you die. You may have that experience as long as you wish, as long as it pleases you. In this stage—in your moment of Total Immersion you also get to experience your Life Review; not only from your perspective but from all those it has affected. Keep in mind that the soul experiences no suffering in the Afterlife. At the end of your life, in what we describe as stage three of death, you will be asked an extraordinary question. This will be the most important question you will ever be asked, and your reply will be the most important statement you have ever made and the biggest Moment of Free Choice you could ever imagine. It is so important that all the angels in heaven will stop to listen to what you are saying. It is so important that all your loved ones will be gathered around to hear—those who have died before you and those who will die after you. It is so important that God Himself will be present when the question is asked. Indeed, She will be the one doing the asking. This is the moment of Holy Inquiry. The question is: “Do you want to stay?” It is asked of all souls who “cross over” from the physical world. Remember, it is the “soul” part of you that makes this decision; not your “mind,” or your “body”. Everyone who “dies” is able to make a decision as to how they wish to go on living—and where. Remember, “Death does not exist.” When a person does the thing that you call “die,” that person is always given a choice: Do you want to experience that the life you have left is continuing? Or do you wish to experience a reality in which you are moving on, heading toward the spiritual realm? The soul determines here whether or not it has experienced everything it desired to accomplish in this particular lifetime. If the thought/feeling/reply is “No,” the soul can, in its experience, “undo” the “death” through which it has just passed. It simply tells God by saying/thinking/feeling: ”I don’t want to die now. I want to go back”. If the soul asks to “go back,” the soul is “sent back” to the physical world instantly … arriving a nanosecond before it “died.” Many, many souls have decided to “go back”. For many; more then once. Each time you may have thought you were a goner. And you were right. You were a goner. I mean, you left. You were gone. Dead as a doornail. When you “die” and then “go back,” what you do in actuality is simply move your conscious awareness to an Alternate Reality. In that reality you experience the moment of your “death” over again, but this time you don’t die, you live. In some cases what that looks like is a “near miss.” In other cases it might be a surprising recovery, or sudden remission. It is like being inserted in the Time Line in the moments or weeks before you “die,” and then throwing a switch that diverts the train, sending it off onto another track. If the thought/feeling/reply is “Yes,” each soul is asked the question, “Are you ready? Do you wish to go on?” This is the gentlest question. Because you seek to re-create yourself anew, as does all of Life, you will move into the spiritual realm, in which you will come to know and understand more of Who You Are and who you choose to be, then you return to the Core of Your Being and back out into the physical world, traveling the same Corridor of Time in a different way, or a different Corridor altogether, so that you may Know in Your Experience what it is like to be who you have chosen to be. There are many routes through the Holy Space/Time Continuum… (Eternal Moment of “NOW”). Those souls who decide to continue forward into the spiritual realm have the option always available to return to physicality in the same lifeline, or as a different physical being. You choose everything. There is nothing that you do not choose. You can be an angel for a while, and then not be an angel. Then you can decide to be an angel again. You can go around in cycles, you can go around in loops, you can travel in spirals, you can move in straight lines, you can “stay in heaven” for eons, you can come right back to earth in the next second---you can have it any way you wish. Do you have any idea Who You Are? Thou Art God. God
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