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Joe Hopkins

Life On Earth Is An Illusion

  • We are divine eternal spirit (God) beings. Death does not exist. Life on earth is an illusion so well made up by us that the majority have forgotten that We came here purposely to “experience” Who We Are.

    In the Absolute Realm from which we come it is only possible to “know” Who We Are conceptually. We desired to also experience Who We Are … to “feel” our utter magnificence.

    In order to do this we created the physical realm of “relativity” within the Universe. We truly are spiritual beings be-ing physical. Within this illusory realm we are able to experience “Who We Are” only by also being able to experience or ‘observing’ Who We Are “Not”.

    Religions have most of us so entrenched in believing Who We Are “NOT” that we have “forgotten” Who We Are. Masters have always existed on earth to re-mind or to make us aware of this illusion. Jesus and Buddah were two of the many Masters who chose to enlighten us.

    I encourage each of you to become enlightened so that You can enjoy the “illusion” for what it is.

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