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Joe Hopkins

When Our Valve Is Open

  • When Our Valve Is Open ...

    [Partial credit for this information given to Lynn Grabhorn 's book, "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting"]

    A main part of Jesus message to humanity (as well as from all Masters) is that we (and everything around us) are made up of energy. In the Absolute Realm from which we come there is nothing but pure-positive Source Energy (God). We draw our energy from this Source as we are ONE with God.

    The Physical Realm (universe) was created so that we can experience Who We Are. In the Absolute Realm we could only “know” our true magnificence. In order to Experience Who We Are a system of “duality” had to be devised because we knew that the only way to experience Who We Are is by also being able to experience Who We Are Not.

    In this same respect, in the Absolute Realm from which we originate we experienced only a Positive energy flow. In the Physical Realm we are given the freedom to choose to experience either a Positive or a Negative energy flow.

    So, it’s simply our choice to operate with a positive conscious or a negative conscious or a mixture of both … both individually and collectively. Do we operate with a fully open valve (positive energy flow … (our true Self)) or do we decide to mix it up and let the negative energy flow in (closed or partially-closed valve) to help control Who We Are? We each have the freedom to choose!

    Since happiness and well-being are synonymous that means there’s a part of us—the biggest part—that knows nothing but unconditional, timeless well-being, for if you have one (high frequency joy), by the laws of physics you must have the other (well-being).

    So here it is: When we’re vibrating positively and feeling good, or buzzing, or appreciating; when we’re plugged in, focused only on the joys of our Desires rather than the frustrations of our Don’t Wants; when we’re in a state of being that ranges anywhere from contentment to euphoria; when our valve is open and we are allowing our primary energy to flood through us … “there is not one blessed thing in this whole wide world that can harm us.” Nothing! Not in business, not in the home, not on the freeway, and not in our body. Not one bad thing can happen, for when we are in that energy , we are living—and flowing—the energy of our omnipotent Selves which knows only pure, untainted well-being, and doesn’t know from diddley-squat about negative vibrations.

    The only thing that greater part of us knows is inexplicable joy, power, chutzpah, frivolity, and infinite security, because infinite well-being is what It is! And …AND …that is what we, as its physical extension, really are. Pure, unending, well-being. All we have to do is give ourselves a chance to let it be so!

    If I seem to be laboring the point, you’re right, because we’re talking “the good life” here. When we’re plugged into that high-frequency energy, when we’re out of fear-based and into happy-based, when we’re not spewing out negative emotions of worry, bitterness, hatred, doubt, fear, or guilt, we’ve automatically plugged into the good life of well-being where nothing can ever harm us physically. That’s right! “Nothing can ever harm us!!!” Not the local mugger, not our old car, not the drunken dork on the freeway, not even Mother Nature.

    Earthquake? Sure, you might sustain damage to your home if there’s been only a slight tilting of your scales toward the positive. But you’ll be safe. If you’re not, best check your valve (when you recover). You can always judge the degree of your connection to Source Energy, and the openness of your valve, by the degree of destruction to your home, or body, or car, or job …whatever. Big robbery in the home? Big sickness? Big tornado destruction? Big closed valve! Remember, Like Energy attracts … if you have a positive energy flow, you attract positive things … and vice versa!

    And please, “closed valve” does not mean nasty or mean. Just because someone was killed in a hurricane or bomb blast in no way implies they were anything but warm, lovely people. It simply means they had unconsciously enveloped themselves in all the negative vibrations of mass (collective) consciousness that causes one’s life to be so tough.

    But when our valve is open, and our vibrational scales are tilted even a hair more to the positive than the negative, we literally place on ourselves a suit of divine armor. So when we’re plugged in, turned on, and the high frequency juices are flowing freely, we can’t even worry about being worried about whatever it was we were in the habit of worrying about, which of course, just served to attract more of what we were worried about in the first place.

    When our valve is open, when you make a decision to be in joy with life “no matter what,” you automatically step into a suit of absolutely impregnable well-being in which nothing bad can happen to you. It is simply a vibrational impossibility for “bad” to happen to you in that high frequency.

    But aside from the “big” awful things we ward off by living in our higher energies, there are all the neat “little” things that start to happen.

    For instance, if you have moles underground, they’ll only come up where no one can see them , or not at all, but never in your front yard.

    Squirrels will go after someone else’s bird food, not yours.

    Your house may have termites, but they’ll soon move on.

    Trees may fall on your neighbor’s home from an over abundance of rain, but yours will stand firm.

    Loose dogs may poop in your neighbor’s yard, but not yours.

    Your friends may get caught in the snowstorm, but you’ll get home safely.

    Your area may be targeted for mail theft, but your box won’t be touched.

    If you’re low on gas a million miles from nowhere, someone will come to the rescue.

    If the flu bug is walloping everybody, it won’t touch you. And you’ll always miss the plane that crashes.

    All this—and ever so much more—from being wrapped in your own Feel Good (Positive) energy, the frequency that guarantees our well-being.

    Once you are able to eliminate all negative thought from your life than you are the Christ. "Christ" simply means God (Source Energy) flowing through the individual. Jesus of Nazareth was able to do it – so can you!