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Sylvia Stevens

Female Primacy

  • Is God female? If you believe in God, then yes. Think of it this way... something does not arise from nothing. God created life. ALL life. She created the universe and ALL life in Her image. How do we know this? Because at ONE state in their development ALL living organisms begin with TWO chromosomes, the shape depending on the species. In humans, it is XX. In dogs it is WW. Each chromosome is four "arms" joined either at the center (XX) or at one end (WW) and thus all life begins as female. Female is the perfect, complete version of life.
    But as the development of the blastocyst or zygote continues, in SOME variants, one arm of the chromosomes either breaks off or is re-absorbed, creating a Y or an N. XY is male. WN is male. Males are variants on the female template. This is why males have nipples. The ONLY stage of life where the zygotes all look identical, whether it is a lamb, a dog, an ostrich, a mosquito, a human, a giraffe or a snail.... is at the VERY beginning when each life form is complete, unbroken, FEMALE. The complete perfect unbroken template IS God's image and it is female.

    Note that the Bible (and nearly all other books) state that MAN has fallen! The male does not live as long. The male is heir to more hereditary diseases. The male is not as strong or resiliant physically as the female. Hereditary diseases may be carried by the female, but most manifest in the male! Because the male is a weaker copy, he is subject to greater physiological stressors and ailments.

    In nature, males have their purpose... to prevent genetic breakdown, and to improve the species by competition, the stronger male winning breeding rights, the weaker male losing them and not passing his traits onward. But in nature it is the female which chooses. It is the female which selects the mate and permits him to breed. SHE carries the "keys to the kingdom". Males live shorter lives. In the case of bees and certain other insects, an extremely short life, which ends at breeding.

    Evolution (a God inspired process) teaches that the more complex the organism... particularly in the genital region, the "higher" it is on the evolutionary development scale. An amoeba has one opening. This opening is for ingesting nutrients, and eliminating waste and for reproduction. Three usages, one aperture. A lizard has a cloaca, used for elimination and for sexual reproduction. Two uses, one opening. The male vertebrate has a *****, whrough which he urinates, and passes semen to the female. Again, two functions, one aperture. He has progressed, in that defecation is now performed by the anus. Only female vertebrates have three openings, for three functions. All evidence points to the fact that female organisms are the original template. Thus... God is female. Closer to the point... Females are Goddess!