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Names of the Elohim (GOD)

  • The 72 Names, Pronounciation and Meanings of the Elohim



    והו - Wah Heh Wah - Time travel change past improve the now

    ילי - Yeh Lah Yeh - Recapture & energize the soul

    סית - Sa Yeh Tha - MAke miracles happen

    אלמ - Ah Lah Meh - Stop negative thinking

    מהש - Meh Heh Shee - Heal thyself and others

    ללה - Lah Lah Heh - Deep importatant dreams

    אכא - Ah Kah Ah - Connect to the DNA of the soul

    כהת - KAh Heh Tha - Remove negative stress from self and others

    הצי - Heh Zeh Yeh - Connect with the Angelic network

    אלד - Ah Lah Dah - Victory over & protection from the Evil Eye

    לאו - Lah Ah Wah - Banish the remnant of evil

    ההא - Heh Heh Ah - Unconditional Love

    יזל - Yeh Zeh Lah - Manifest the Inner Messiah

    מבה - Mem Beh Heh - Peaceful solutions

    הרי - Heh Reh Yeh - Long Range Vision

    הקמ - Heh Qu Meh - Heal Depression

    לאו - Lah Ah Wah - Stop identifying with the Ego

    כלי - Ka Lah Yeh - Increace fertility

    לוו - Lah Wah Wah - Answered prayers

    ףהל - Peh Heh Lah - Victory over addiction

    נלכ - Nu Lah Kah - Eliminate sickness and Plagues

    ייי - Yeh Yeh Yeh - Stop attracting and banish evil people

    מלה - Men Lah Heh - Share revealed secrets and knowledge

    ההו - Heh Heh Wah - Freedom from jealousy

    נתה - Nu Tha Heh - Courage to speak your mind

    האא - Heh Ah Ah - Bring order from chaos

    ירת - Yeh Reh Tha - Become partner with the light

    שאה - Shee Ah Heh - Connect with your soulmate

    ריי - Reh Yeh Yeh - Cleanse hatred from the heart

    אומ - Ah Wah Meh - Build Bridge to higher self

    לכב - La Ka Beh - Finish what you start

    ושר - Wa Shee Reh - Stop making same mistakes

    יהו - Yeh Heh Wah - Encounter your darkside

    כוק - Kah Wah Qu - Draw down increased sexual energy to increase spirituality

    מנד - Meh Nu Dah - Fearlessness

    אני - Ah Nu Yeh - Big picture behind obstacles

    מאה - Meh Yah Heh - Receive in order to give

    רהא - Reh Heh Ah - Bad situation creates good results

    ייצ - Yeh Yeh Zeh - Power of speaking the right words

    ההה - Heh Heh Heh - Powers of the ancient high priests

    מיכ - Meh Ya Kah - Knowledge of concealed truths

    וול - Wah Wah Lah - Mind of matter

    ילה - Yeh Lah Heh - Remove and sweeten judgments

    צאל - Sa Ah Wah - Power of prosperity

    ארי - Ah Reh Yeh - Absolute certainty of faith

    אשל - Ah Shee Lah - Global transformation

    מיה - Meh Yeh Heh - Unity

    והו - Wah Heh Wah - Happiness

    דני - Dah Nu Yeh - Spiritual dissatisfaction until goal finished

    ההש - Heh Heh Shee - No guilt

    אממ - Ah Meh Meh - Passionate prayer

    ננא - Nu Nu Ah - No personal agenda

    נית - Nu Yeh Tha - Death of death

    מבה - Meh Beh Heh - Act on thoughts to manifset goals

    ףוי - Peh Wah Yeh - Dispelling anger

    נממ - Nu Meh Meh - Listen to (hear) the soul

    ייל - Yeh Yeh Lah - Draw down the light to act on your behalf

    הרה - Heh Reh Heh - Umbilical connection to the light

    מצר - Meh Sa Reh - Freedom from the ego

    ומב - Wah Meh Beh - Power water to heal 

    יהה - Yeh Heh Heh - teach spirituality by

    אנו - Ah Nu Wah - Thankfulness

    מהי - Meh Heh Yeh - Project positivity to others

    דמב - Da Meh Beh - Fear of God

    מנק - Meh Nu Qu - Eliminate victim mentality and revenge

    אנא - Ah Nu Ah - Live in the Now

    הבו - Heh Beh Wah - Contact departed souls

    ראה - Reh Ah Heh - Stay on the path to light

    יבמ - Yeh Beh Meh - Vision of how all is connected

    היי - Heh Yeh Yeh - Shape th future with gift of prophecy

    מומ - Meh Wa Meh - Spiritual cleansing of past and present