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Karen Martinez

Private social media group created

  • I recently created a private group on Facebook for those who are needing or looking for positive, uplifting support or wanting to give positive support by sharing quotes and affirmations and prayer. I'm looking for advice on how to word the offer of prayer. I'd like to include specific days I'd post the requests and offer privacy for anyone who would like to remain anonymous. I'm fairly new to this and not sure if this is the place to share my need for assistance. Thank you
  • jesse hall
    jesse hall I have a BA in media business and a big part of that was Social Media business/marketing practices. Most people running groups in the same situation have requests made by private message or an email address and then admin will repost removing names and an...  more
  • Br. E.G. Carriere
    Br. E.G. Carriere To be honest, Facebook is not a great place to provide a positive and uplifting place for support. They are so addictive just like gaming is. Not counting the tracking and blocking of posts they deem unwelcoming.
  • Tony Villari
    Tony Villari I have to agree with E.G. on this. It is one reason I created a blog site, instead (http://congregationforreligioustolerance.blogspot.com). I still post the blog on Facebook, etc., but the blog site simplified things for me, and actually allowed me the ...  more