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Willie E. Willie

Understanding the word "Faith".

  • The word Faith is misunderstood amongst Christians, not withstanding it's meaning. This word didn't appear in old testament epoch, but springs up from no where during the ministry of Jesus Christ in the new testament diaspora. They question is, did the word Faith substitute another word used during the ancient times, or it's a new word meaning something else? The writers of Hebrew stated that : faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evident of things not seen. They were trying to accentuate the meaning of faith to the early Christians, yet we all do not understand what it meant. Base on the revelation of the Holy Spirit in my life, this topic has been deciphered. Faith is the Knowledge of God in the life of a man. The knowledge you have on God, determined the level of your faith. Are you surprised? Then i hope you've read this in your Bible: faith cometh by hearing the message of God. Hearing the message of God increases your knowledge of God, and that knowledge is called Faith. Jesus once said if only you would have the knowledge about God as little as a mustard seed, mountains will obey you. Daniel also said, they that have knowledge of their God shall be strong and do exploits. Daniel was referring to people of faith, as Jesus was; in His statement. James said having that knowledge alone is not enough, it calls for you to put that which you know into practice. Else you will solely become the hearers and not doers of the word of God. Many people have been denied sleep on how to make their faith grow, study the word of God, then practice it base on what you know about God. Hope this help's, but for full lectures on Faith, feel free to contact me .... Love you, but God loves you more.