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Willie E. Willie

Who is a Christian?

  • A Christian is a member of Christ's kingdom, But being a member needs something to be done. People who professed to be Christians are literally not, but only Church goers. So long the world is filled with such people (church goers), the world is in jeopardy... Our society can't find peace with such people parading as Christians, so this article will help you and your congregation. I am the Reverend Willie, a servant of God, indisputably called by God through Christ, to bring the lost/proselyte into the holy fellowship of the saints. Far be it for me to err against God, by failing to teach us the truth and also praying for your well being. Before becoming a member of this family/kingdom, which Christ is the head, you need to do something sacrosanct and unavoidable. That's having the mind of Christ: the mind of Christ is the only thing that qualifies you becoming a Christian. A Christian is a person who possesses the mind of Christ. And anyone who possesses the mind of Christ is the member of Christ's kingdom. Many people says: being a Christian isn't easy, but i tell you the truth, it's as easy as knowing your name. It is so easy my dear, but not easy for those without the mind of Christ. For how can you become Christ without his mind? Having the mind of Christ is what makes you a Christian, not acting like Christ without his mind. That will only make you an impostor, wolf in sheep clothing. During your conversion into Christianity, what you first receive is the mind of Christ in the stead of yours. Then after confirming your decision by baptism of immersion, packed together with your love for God, the Holy Spirit then comes to dwell in you with his first gift called: Righteousness. Thereafter, your responsibility is to love your neighbors, as though they were yourself. Doing that maintains your Righteousness. That makes your heart pure before God. You see how easy it is, but first seek to have the mind of Christ. For without it, it's impossible. Being a Church or regular church goer doesn't make you a Christian. Pastor, Evangelist, prophet, Apostle, Bishop, Brothers,and Sisters, first reject your self. Take up the mind of Christ, which consists of His will. Don't mistake baptism as a license to become a Christian, and don't be baptized without having the mind of Christ. Baptism is just to confirm your decision of rejecting yourself for that of Christ, without self-rejection, what were you confirming during your so called baptism? Consider the history of Jesus, he was baptized to confirm his self-rejection to that of his Father in heaven. After been baptized, immediately received the Holy Spirit with it's gift. God even confirmed that by saying: this is my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased. The very first state is self-rejection. Now, have seen that the so called Christians are people who are self-centered? For more guidelines on this topic or something else, feel free to contact me. Distance is not a barrier, if God uses this article to revive you, please your testimony will help God's kingdom. I love you, but God loves you more! Best regards Willie E. Willie (Christian Apologist)