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Willie E. Willie

The Enemy Destroying Mankind

  • There is an enemy in the secret fighting mankind, but we do not understand where the punches are coming from. This so called enemy succeeded in throwing Satan out of God's kingdom, making him evil before God. This very enemy also succeeded in throwing Adam; the probably first man on earth, out of God's kingdom. This enemy is great, strong, powerful enough to manipulate any being against God, spiritual or physical. This enemy even succeeded in making the sons of God (Angels) fall, and kept in chains awaiting judgement. It takes the spirit of God to unravel the truth about this enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the darkness of this world, against Spiritual wickedness in the highest realm. Who owns these titles? Oh! Don't dare think of satan the devil, he was a victim. Now, this so called enemy is destroying mankind. Nation against Nation, kingdom against Kingdom, Father against Son, Son against Father, Brother against Brother, Everyone against anyone. We are all destroying our universe, the universe we ought to have protected. We've become a ready tools for this invisible enemy. Oh this enemy is no respecter of person, be you a bishop, an Apostle, a pope, the President, a witch, a sorcerer, a magician, etc. This enemy is everything the opposite of God the Father. I hope you know who God is? God is Love... This enemy is antonymous to love, the very precise opposite of love. That enemy is called GREED. Greed is the enemy destroying our universe using you as a tool, against your neighborhood. According to my researches, Greed breeds all kinds of evil ever imagined. People mistaken hate to be the opposite of love, but hate is only the product of greed. What's Greed? Greed is the surge of craving for more...(money, power, fame, love, riches, wealth, etc.) Greed makes you want more by all means available. Everyone today is smitten by greed, and has literally become a tool to destroy our universe. What makes you seek for power? What makes you steal? What makes you lie? What makes you a prostitute? What makes you a drug smuggler? What makes jealous? What makes you labour so hard? What makes you cheat? What makes you betray? What makea you a killer? What makes you praying for anointing? What makes you worried? What makes nations fighting? What's tearing brothers apart? The reason behind all evil is Greed. I know you can see it, you only need God's eyes to see. So long this enemy is in you, you can't please God. Cause it's everything the opposite of God. Greed is taking from people to enrich yourself. Greed blinds you from seeing your worth, it only presents you the worth of others, and says to you: you can get it. Greed makes you unsatisfied, it comes with surge, making you crave for anything. These are the victims of Greed: Satan, Adam, Fallen Angels, Judas Iscariot, and now you. Failure to fight this enemy, you will ever be an eneny with God. Greed makes Satan an eneny to God, it also destroys the relationship of Adam and God, it makes the fallen Angels against God, and now its trying to make you an enemy with God your maker. Fight it, you alone can. We are children of one universe, let's fight our enemy together. Not fighting each other as enemies. For full lectures on this topic, or for seminar invitations, please contact me. I love you, but God loves you more! .Regards, The Reverend, Willie. (Christian Apologist)