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Gail Dobson

On Bullying, Awareness, Acceptance, Tolerance

  • Suddenly, yesterday(?) I was accused of being a 'bully'! It kinda shocked me at first, but as the accuser's narrative expanded and spread, it turns out that I am really a 'bully' because I speak my mind. My heart, my mind does not follow the standard religious dogma of ANY religion. I have never hidden this fact. What I did find ironic is that I have been "bullied" on this site for months. I just don't whine about it much. I do respond when appropriate, or just let them have the last word so they can feel superior. The current member accusing me of "bullying" is (or was) a 'Friend' on this site, but has been away for several months. While I was being graced by abuse, she often did her best to keep the abuser riled up over whatever perceived slight that he felt required his ire. I do have screen caps of those as well, but again, not of great importance here. On this discussion site for all people of all beliefs, where the only tenet is "Do What's Right" -- not one single member, not one, pointed out the bullying and abuse was "out of bounds". Now however, that I, a non-christian, is accused of abhorrent acts for simply being and asking questions, an amazing number of members are very suddenly "anti-bullying", and critical of me. 


    This is the mob mentality that I warned of with the WWII posts days ago, the many, many "think for yourself" posts I've made for months, the women's rights posts, the child abuse posts, the separation of church and state establishment clause of our constitution posts, the growing influence of various hate groups here and across the world, the need to become an informed populace posts, posts of the many misdeeds of all the many versions of the churches -- all of it. That is how easy it is for usually sensible people to be led into mob-mentality -- whether by politicians, preachers, or those with an agenda of their own. When you take no action against wrong-doing, when you don't speak up, you become complicit. You are equally guilty, by omission. This is not the way of peace, this is not the way of love, this is not the way of light.


    This is not what I want to share in. I have managed for over 55 years of my life to avoid surrounding myself with negativity, dogma, ignorance. Though I know enough to know how little I know, I know I don't want to start down that path now. 


    I give great thanks to Larry Makinson as the only one who has clearly stated these actions are wrong. A nod to John A, William W, a few others who tentatively agreed with some of my posted points. I wish you all well, and blessed be. I hope you find peace before it's too late to live and enjoy this one life you have.


    The rest of this post is an abbreviated replay of some of the actions that have occurred as you all watched (or ignored) in silence. 


    This actually began late last year. A particular member became distraught enough to "block me", but still continued to post messages that, being blocked, he knew I could not see or respond to. The current accuser is (or was, IDK now, but probably still is) a 'friend' of that member. Judging by the file dates, on New Year's Day, 2019 I must have had some free time. I began gathering some screen shots of the abuse that had been slung at me over time. This is hardly an exhaustive record, but it's what I gathered then, and a few since. You may notice this began when I had been a member for just a few days over 2 months.


    First, I learned that all religions are fine, as long as they accept "Jesus". Personally, I kinda thought that was the definition of Christianity, period. You are of course entitled to your beliefs, but be honest about what they are, and know not everyone believes as you do. 


    THEN WE GET (on a discussion of lack of answers by certain posters) that faith in GOD is required.

    and apparently "sarcasm" where there was none (yes, I do use sarcasm but it's not hard to see when I do) and offense at the very idea that the board is for discussion. Since we were not friends, I guess this is when the 'block' was implemented. Notice, I've now been a member for just slightly over 3 months. Notice also, no one has said a single word to the "abuser". Yes, I would have noticed, I would have screen captured, I would have thanked at the time (but it didn't happen). 


    Then even more escalation (apparently as comments on someone else's posts that I was commenting on).

    So basically, I should not share my opinions at all. Oldest game of telephone references a comment I made about the many, many re-writes and re-translations and re-interpretations of 'the bible'. Look, I'm a member for 4 months now.


    There were numerous small insults or "snarks" with occasional attempted "rile it ups" with this member, and a few of his 'friends' I believe, but nothing really worth putting here (I don't know how long a blog entry can be). 


    Then about Feb 27, 2019 I got notice that instead of commenting on a post I was commenting on, this member 'shared' that post to make a comment directed to me, knowing full well I could not see it. This is the first time anyone has let me know this had happened. I do not know when or how often prior this underhanded behavior had occurred.  


    There had been other incidents before and since this, that all have had an opportunity to see, to react to, to question or dispute. Very, very few have done so. Instead of being a place of sharing, learning, questioning, and understanding this site has become controlled by a vocal clique who know nothing beyond what they've been indoctrinated into. If you question, on any aspect or any part of their beliefs, they cannot answer. They can give a song & dance, but they cannot answer a logical question. This is very sad to me. I did have great hopes of finding intelligent discussion here. It took me an extra month and a half beyond my own pre-determined trial period to determine there is no point in my remaining an active participant. After some business I must attend to, I will devote more to my own site where I hope to develop a welcoming, creative discussion arena for true spiritual minded people to meet, discuss, share, and learn with an open mind. No Dogma Allowed. No Bullying Allowed. Just intelligent discussion among friends.  (https   www  NaturalWonderFellowship dot org)   


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  • Larry Makinson
    Larry Makinson Holly:  Good Morning.  If you believed your above comment to be true, then you would not have felt the need to make it.  This is a beautiful and glorious day, I give thanks to The Light for the opportunity to experience it.  Why manife...  more
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    HOLLY G LOL hey larry, that comment wasn't directed to you, but of course you feel the need to comment on everything I write cause basically, youre just a TROLL. 
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    Larry Makinson Good day, I see that you still find this to be funny and entertainment for yourself.  This I feel is very sad and my heart weeps for you.  Your comments contradict each other.  I will pray for you that you may be blessed and find peace with...  more
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    HOLLY G Yeah, larry, LOL, I find you funny in your desperation to constantly discredit me. and yes, I also find the bleeding heart claptrap (feeling or showing excessive or extravagant sympathy/pretentious nonsense) to be funny too. Talk about sad...……….….
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