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Ki'Dasa Durga

Tamashii Reiki



    Rei—Universal or Spiritual

    Ki—Life Force Energy

    This system of Reiki is founded upon Usui Reiki as well as my own research and discoveries.

    One cold night in October of 1999, in the infamous Reifer Building, I “GOT IT”. I remember I was freezing, the heat hadn't been turned on yet, and I was sleeping on the floor. My mind would not shut up. There was just this constant prattle of absolutely nothing pertinent. So, I decided to put the prattle to good use. It started with E=MC². My brain's translation of that equation is: Energy is Mass multiplied by the Speed Of Light squared. The slower energy is moving the more dense it will be. The faster the energy the less dense. For example, the difference between water and air. Air is the least dense of the two. That makes it closer to “higher” levels of energy. This line of thinking triggered a tangent that focused on the interrelationships between the Western Elements and their corresponding physical/emotional/spiritual aspect to us as a Humans. Earth=physical body. Air=mind/thought. Fire=passion, creativity. Water=emotion, blood. That triggered another tangent that focused on what “psychic” abilities were ruled by which element.


    Effectively, I was mentally cross-referencing my core knowledge of multiple religions/Faiths with “popular” knowledge written from a more neutral point of view looking for inconsistencies. I realized that the more information I pulled in the more I was able to connect. At some point my thoughts went non-verbal. I vaguely remember seeing shapes for some length of time then nothing. When I came back to myself it was 2:30am and my room was lit up like Christmas in a pure white light. It faded as conscious thought returned. About 5 years later I was surfing on the net and stumbled across a site full of Sutras, Buddhist teachings. Apparently, what I did on accident is a traditional meditation technique designed for one to realize the Oneness of Existence. If done correctly the White Light is the result.

    What does all of that have to do with Reiki? This exercise taught me that ALL energy comes from the same Source. We know energy can't be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. My understanding is: Everything is made of the same energy. It manifests differently depending on the molecules and the speed the at which the energy is moving. Reiki is the Universal Life Force. It's what was/is used in the Creation of Life. That makes it an extremely high vibration energy with a very broad bandwidth. Life requires the Elements to manifest here on Earth. It also requires Mind (Thought and Emotions) to interpret the reality the form is in. The final aspect of all Life is Consciousness/Spirit. This is our direct connection to The Source. Reiki not only touches, but fuels, every aspect of Life and as such can affect anything.


    How is Tamashii Reiki different from any other Reiki?

    All Reiki affects the Body, Mind, and Spirit through Chakras. Usui Reiki works with the base 7 Chakra system (physiological). Karuna Reiki, another popular technique, works with the 12 Chakra system (personal). Tamashii Reiki works with the 32 point Chakra system (spiritual).

    The 7 point system deals with the Soul's connection to the body. These points, from bottom to top, are: Root, Sacral/Sexus, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown. The Root Chakra “grounds” one into their physical body, it is located at the perineum. The second Chakra is the Sacral. It's location is the genitals. This chakra governs passion and creativity. The Solar Plexus is the third Chakra, it the well of energy that we use to control the body and effect the physical world. The Heart Chakra is also the heart and governs our emotional/mental state, this is the 4th Chakra. The Throat Chakra is the 5th, it governs our ability to communicate in the physical plane. The 3rd Eye, the pineal gland, governs Awareness of our Spiritual aspect. It's the 6th Chakra. The 7th Chakra is the Crown. It is located at the top of the head, the “soft spot”. It governs Awareness of the Divine on the physical plane.

    The 12 point system adds the 5 Auric Chakras that deal with the Soul's connections to the physical and spiritual realm. These 5 Chakras are located in the Aura. The field of energy that radiates from and surrounds all living things. Just above the Crown, about 1 inch, is the point that governs our connection to the Collective Consciousness or Akashik Records. Approximately one foot above that is the Transpersonal Point. True Awareness from the Soul's perspective. The Aura itself has a Chakra that governs it's health and stability. It is located between the throat and heart. The hands and feet share a Chakra point as they are generally how we interact with the physical realm. The final point lies about a foot below the feet. It's our Soul connection to the physical realm.


    The 32 point system includes the 20 Spiritual Chakras. They deal with the Soul's connection to the Divine. These Points are: Yin, Yang, Balance of Polarities, Balance of Similarities, Harmony, Free Will and Freedom, Kundalini, Mastery, Abundance, Clarity, Knowledge of Good and Bad, Creation, Manifestation, Alignment, Peace, Wisdom, Enjoyment, Forgiveness, Faith, Grace and Divine Source Consciousness.

    Yin: Feminine energy. Dark, receptive and negative.


    Yang: Masculine energy. Bright, projective, positive.


    Balance of Polarities: Promotes a non-dualistic world view.


    Balance of Similarities: Aligns all that is within and without us that is similar.

    Harmony: Aligns all aspects, similar and different, to achieve a coherent Whole Being.

    Free Will and Freedom: Aligns us with our abilities and right to choose to conform to our higher purpose and essential needs.

    Kundalini: Provides us with the raw power necessary to materialize the spiritual (fills the solar plexus).

    Mastery: Provides us the ability to attain Self-Control.

    Abundance: Aligns us with the energies to attract people/situations that meet our Highest Purpose.

    Clarity: Right Vision. The ability to see things as they are, not how we want them to be.

    Knowledge of Good and Bad: Revelation of dualities in order to balance them.

    Creation: Opens us to the energies necessary to create that which we desire.

    Manifestation: Adds the dark substantial energies to protect or create that which we desire.

    Alignment: Balances the Whole Being to allow us to serve our Divine Purpose.

    Peace: Allows us to accept ourselves.

    Wisdom: Enables us to learn from our experiences without being attached to them.

    Enjoyment: Allows us to channel the energy fueling our Enjoyment. Serving one's purpose is a source of Bliss.

    Forgiveness: Surrendering to Divine Energies.

    Grace and Divine Source Consciousness: Miracle Energy.

    These points, being purely Spiritual, don't have a physical correlation. However, I managed to come up with a map for working with them based on the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life itself has 10 primary points and 22 pathways between them. I have simplified it, for Reiki, by using the 10 Primary points and and a basic outline of 10 of the pathways.

    If one were to lay on top of an outline of the Tree of Life the head would be were the Crown is. The shoulders would be on Understanding (right shoulder) and Wisdom (left shoulder). The elbows would be Severity (right) and Compassion (left). Beauty would be approximately where the Solar Plexus is. The hands would be Empathy (right) and Victory (left). Foundation would be about where the Sacral point is. The final point, Malkuth, would line up with the Ground.



    The Tree of Life with 20 Chakra Point Overlay





    In addition to the 20 Spiritual Chakra points there are 4 new symbols.

    E-Shi-Ki, which means Consciousness. It brings our Awareness to the level of our Higher Self.

    Mou-Ku-Teki represents Divine Purpose. It strengthens and cleanses all levels of the Aura so that we may be fully aligned with our Divine Purpose.

    Shi-Zu-Ka literally means quietness, can also be called Nirvana. This symbol promotes Tranquility and Peace.

    The Fu-Hen-Teki is the Master Symbol of Tamashii Reiki. It represents Divine Awareness and allows us to create our well-being.