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Larry Makinson

Understanding Hate

  • Hate is a nontangible existence that is able to manifest itself in unlimited ways and methods.


    The true understanding of Hate can only be felt, for there are no words to define Hate correctly.


    If we define Hate to certainty by adding further words, we will only cause our awareness of Hate to diminish.


    When our awareness is tuned to just Hate, then we are able to recognize all manifestations Hate creates.


    To recognize Hate one must face their "Light Within", only then will they be able to cast Hate upon the floor within "The Light" for all to see.  Until you do this you will forever consume Hate, and Hate will consume you.


    When you no longer consume hate, then your "Light Within" will shine through, this will light your path through the Dark as you Walk in your Shadow and face reality.


    Consume enough Hate and your Soul will diminish to a dormant state, and existing is all you will be.


    Make no mistake, Hate is a poison to your Soul.


    Your Soul is your life, love that is contained in the shell of your body.  Our connection to all that is, our commonality towards peace for all.  Namaste.


    Do not allow your body to only exist, allow Life to shine through from your body and discover how wonderful and glorious life is, Heaven on Earth.


    Consume enough Hate and Hell on Earth will be what your existence experiences.


    Part of our Free Will is to choose whether or not to be consumed by Hate.


    Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth, the choice is yours



    Words of a friend of "The Light".

    May peace be with all.