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Fr Anthony Dowling

Church plant/build

  • I know I’m UK based but if anyone can help with this would be amazing. I started a small church group here and the hall we hire for Sunday morning service will no longer be available to us after June. We are looking at finding another venue to hire to keep us going after that. We are also looking into getting our own place that we can use at anytime meaning we can do a weekday/evening service and hold our bible studies groups there so we don’t have to rely on the hospitality of others. The idea of having our own church building opens up many ideas in which we can serve the community more. There are two options we are looking at, finding a building we can buy; also building our own church, an area of land has become available and would we perfect for this. An architect friend has put together rough plans for us to start with. Both options are not cheep in the short term. The help of our group with donations is great and anyone else willing to help us with a one off donation or monthly (if not being too cheeky) would be a great to help us make this goal. We looking at some business in the area that might help and support this. Any help you can be even if just holding us in your prayers would be much appreciated. Please contact us or email Fr Anthony directly at Fr_anthonyd@yahoo.co.uk Will keep you all posted on everything that happens.