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Pastor John R. Harvey D.D.

What Freedom Is and Isn’t

  • Today, we are bombarded by strong messages about freedom and how to obtain it. Whether we’re watching TV, listening to the radio, scrolling through social media, or reading the news, the message is consistent: The heart of freedom in the world is about making our own way, living life on our terms and without constraints. Yet in order to be free as the world understands it, we must be in control. We have to be the supreme being directing our life. There’s one enormous problem with this: We’re human and in our humanity, which is complicated by a tendency to sin, we can’t see objectively. Our vision is clouded by biases and desires and an abundance of pride.


    The Lord tells us that to be truly liberated, we must submit to Him. (Rom. 6:20-23.) He says that if we willingly give up our life, we’ll find the freedom and fullness we’ve always longed to experience. A freedom that will last forever.


    Think About It: 

    • How has the world’s definition of freedom impacted your life? Can you see its influence in your choices?

    • Which aspects of life do you try hardest to control? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything you’re afraid to release to God.


    Remember, freedom isn’t granted by a a document or declaration. Freedom is an unalienable, irrevocable right granted by Almighty God and can not and should not be revoked by any power or authority here on earth.


    Pray for God’s blessings and put your faith in Him...

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  • Gail Dobson
    Gail Dobson I agree with your first paragraph, except for the 'sin' idea. There's no such thing as sin. Freedom is an inalienable, irrevocable right we're all born with. Yes, stand on your own two feet and take pride in your own accomplishments. Be aware of your own ...  more
    Mon at 8:48 AM