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Pastor John R. Harvey D.D.

Trust in the Lord

  • In looking back at your Christian journey so far, when did you experience the most spiritual growth? For many of us, it was during seasons of great discomfort. Jesus tells us we will encounter difficulties in the world John 16:33, but that doesn’t mean we should just go about our life with resignation, waiting for something awful to happen.


    Instead, we should try to think of waiting as an act of endurance—something that makes us more like Christ. And yet endurance looks different for each of us. Some people may become more active in serving their community, while others need to shift their focus inward—increasing in prayer, seeking wise counsel, and more consciously creating practices of giving thanks. Whatever it is, let us be encouraged to “run the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus” Hebrews 12 1:2.



    • Think about your seasons of greatest spiritual growth, or even the experience of coming to faith in Jesus. Was there a specific change or important occurrence in your life? Reflecting like this might help you identify the way God works and perhaps see your circumstances differently, too.