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Pastor John R. Harvey D.D.

How God Speaks to Each of Us

  • The Bible is God’s Word, so does He still want to speak to us personally? The answer is yes, and there are several reasons why.


    First, His guidance is a necessity for our lives. In Scripture, we see the Lord giving specific directions to His servants, and we often forget that we, too, need His instructions.


    Second, we rely on the Lord’s power just as much as the Israelites. We all have “Red Sea” experiences, when we don’t know where to turn. But just as the Lord parted the waters for Israel, He will act in our lives, too.


    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, He wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him. The heavenly Father loves us just as much as He loved His children in biblical times. And He desires fellowship and honest conversation with today’s believers, just as He did with Abraham, Moses, and the prophets. So our priority should be to know Him and, once we do, to continually know Him better and better.


    Our connection with God cannot be a one-way street. There must be a continual flow of back-and-forth communication—and that means we don’t do all the talking. We will get to know our Father more intimately when we learn to listen.


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  • Peter Schmalenbach · Germany
    Peter Schmalenbach · Germany The feeling of a continual flow of back-and-forth communication is one I've had just lately. On the walk to my workplace I can let my thoughts flow and just at that I had this - I say "soaking feeling". In one of my comments in the last days I mentioned a...  more