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  • I'm making this post for Pastor Sean Condran (PLEASE SHARE THIS POST).....
    My name is Debbie Hershey and I'm a board member at Pastor Sean Condran Office and Radio Station Manager at Pastor Sean Condran Office Radio Station, I would like to please ask you to be a sponsor today.
    As some of you know that our founder Pastor Sean Condran went through a lot this last past year with losing his home, and Pastor Sean Condran was our main money funding sponsor of our ministry as of July 1st Pastor Sean Condran will no longer be able to help us with funding since as of today Pastor Sean Condran is homeless so we will not be taking or accepting any money from him since that would not be right, so we will then no longer have the funds to keep our doors open for all of our services Including our Ministry, Radio Station and TV Network.
    So as of July 1st we will start closing down our services. we were able to come up with some money from the staff here at Pastor Sean Condran Office but we still need some help we are in need of around $850 to around $2,500.00 to keep all of our services open if we make $850 will maybe be able to only save of Ministry part with coming up with around $2,500.00 we can save all 3 services.
    As you may know we are a FREE Service for all of our host in our TV Network and Radio Station service and we are 100% free for anyone who cant afford our services and as of today all of our client are in our sponsorship program to have their service for free. So we are asking for your help to keep all of our services open so we can continue to serve the Lord and save as many people as we can, you can donate below at:
    You can learn more about us at www.pastorseancondranoffice.org
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