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peter Chamberland

Who is your lord

  • Im here tl challenge you and motivate you to become the best version of you that there is. To become a healthy and energetic person to make impact in the world around you. I am a practitioner of the left hand path for 20+ years. And all throughout that time ive had my successes and failures, but ive learned to take one step at a time to improve my life. in the scriptures many things can be revealed about the nature of our spirit, and through application of learning we see god within us. There are positive and negative aspects to reading for inspiration. When one makes a commitment to a personal deity one becomes very hesitant in how they apply scriptures because they dont want to reject their vows to their savior. they look to examples in scripture to be after gods heart like david, and seek wisdom from jesus because of his example. But i find this limiting to really be willing to adapt and overcome the environment. When you invoke belief in god, are you noticing the challenges ahead? The god usually looked at challenged satan to destroy job that job would never curse god. Job never did. He was willing to suffer through challenges to have faith. Jesus followed the will of his father and even got to the point of asking while he was on the cross, why have you forsaken me? the disciple peter and many other saints were crucified because they followed thier savior. One has to ask about what is really the message? many find faith fulfillment as eternal life is the ultimate reward. Regardless of the bondage that the world would place on believers. The promise of eternal life outweighs any promises the devil may have about prosperity and living in comfort. Many look negatively upon satanism and other practices as a rejection of gods promises to the faithful and do not see higher potential. Many see the cynicism of atheism and contradictive arguments as a "lower" form of philosophy. They see the question what are you willing to do as an abandonment of faith because your willing to do anything, and see satan moving to cause rejection of faith in the lord. But when reality kicks in on a minute to minute basis. When life is not working like jobs life was not working, we have to realize that some examples in the scriptures are not to follow. For example davids affair with bathsheba and saul calling forth the spirit of samuel through necromancy. Cains murder of abel, and so forth are not examples to follow in the literal sense, but the reality is that within scriptures god is the one who sets faith and god sets punishment. The spirit of cain makes the statement why have you done it this way? and you may see the statement as falling from faith. But we have to look courageously at spirituality. Like warriors. What is really the question to ask? maybe it is are there different modules of faith or lessons to be learned that lead to the equal spiritual awakening as a believer? i mentioned before of taking the knowledge of the tree of good and evil and of life. To listen within to the light and darkness, ignoring popular fads and really living spiritual wisdom, to honor sophia and seek to speak logos. If you find your faith in jesus, great. Dont let me be a hindrance to your spiritual progress. Take it for what its worth if you are struggling with life and belief, wondering why god does things this way, then let me encourage you to a different path. Do not feel ashamed of having a failure of faith. But evade the defeating statements like not everyone is perfect. Why should i be perfect? start to reach out your higher potential, and look within yourself. Dont be afraid that the lesson at hand might be that saying prayers of faith and blessing in the great commission, might not be the answer. Stand within strength. I recently read the story in 2 kings and 1 chronicles the story that is very short about the pillars of boaz and jachin. Boaz is stand with strength and is the pillar on the left. Many times altars were constructed in the old testament. They were constructed out of remembrance of what has been done or said. Abram built groves and altars, and solomons temple was a major central aspect of the israelites., being an old testament variation of expression of faith. Many rejoice as to how the lord works in their lives, amd this is a very hard argument to those who would stand on the left, with strength. But dont be afraid to reach out within yourself to see and ask the question, what is really going on here? maybe the message is enough is enough. Maybe its time to do what is necessary to kick scream claw and scratch your way to a new life, to instigate some better knowledge. Build your temples within brick by brick. Lay the foundation, and start to sow seeds, and focus on that. Disregard hype and fads, and stand for authenticity. Maybe, just maybe some new names will come into place. dont tear down and burn bridges, listen and build them. hopefully this gives some encouragement. and when you ask who really is your lord, can you truly still stand for jesus, or is there a deeper calling? i find it in some ways confusing to read revelation 22 where jesus makes the statement that he is the morning star when isaiah 14 identifies lucifer as son of the morning. I dont see this a coincidence. Look deeper into scriptures and wisdom and you will find it.