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peter Chamberland

revelation a hard lesson for nonbelievers

  • I read through revelation today frm the perspective of a spiritual satanist and some parts are a little rough for nonbelievers. Especially for those who practice sorcery. But some interesting things can be found and applied when one looks at the metaphors involved. I literally personally dont believe in the end times as actually happening. I think its more a significant framework from which the bible can br looked at. Renewal pf self in the process of self transformation can be seen prominently with the inspiration that god does not turn a blind eye to nonjustice towards believers. Satan was actually a critical factor in judgement that if he were able to accuse someone of not following thr ten commandments then judgement would be passed. Here hes seen in revelation as drawing one third of the heavens away, many claim this to be a pre existent state of being. But we cant really know for sure. The whole book of revelation is future tense except some minor parts, like the five leaders who were, one who has not yet come and thr one after him. It is interesting the heavy imagery used for repentance and the strong conditions for those who dp not. Within those standards revelation gets rather intense. I think prior messages cab be taken here. What are you willing to do. When the tough gets going, when we look at the practical aspects of modern witchcraft from a real extent and apply real world knowledge the literal version of revelation goes right out the window. We look into the old testemant and see classic images of fire and even some mew testament views of refiners fire Daniel 3 contains a classic story of a fiery furnace, and faith through trials. These images and more are used to inspire faith. Like an emotion of belief, a verbal statement of using the name jesus as reinforcement. But we fail to look at all this many times without holding on to the simplistic beginnings. Genesis chapter 3. and what about sophia? When one holds to the simple principles lf the beginning and the end, refiners fire can be seen from even a satanist perspective about the lake of fire. We as satanists do not sacrifice any children if we are legal satanists. We do not murder saints for faith, anf those that do are not valid satanists. We do not poison people as tbe word pharmakia tells. And we do not relish in telling lies, we point out the truth, like pointing to genesis chapter 3. We also point out the harsh laws of the old testament that disallow for witchcraft and sorcery, and condemn those that follow. But any sane and rational person will realize the craziness and the grevious consequences for literal actions that are mentioned in the bible. We need to be sane and rational about how we approach the bible. Spirituality is largely an inward process that words of faith are used to inspire us. One needs to be assured of their beliefs as being literally true beyond cynicism to mame those brave fiery lake statements. God after all has the names already decided written in thr book of life. So whose to really say? We need to elevate our tolerance levels gor differences of faith across the board and not condemn eachother. In the end it takes a matter of free will to decide how one will act and fate cannot be determined ahead of time because it takes away free will. Even in the face of revelation and the lake lf fire i will still hild my belief. Even to thr death bed. I hope that i can inspire those around me to see the best way for them.