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peter Chamberland

Why it's important to believe

  • The message here is about believing in yourself. You have to believe in yourself, whether it's hell or high waters you have to believe in yourself. I am not a perfect left hand practitioner for 20+ years. I've had my struggles and I've explored several different things, and felt very much defeated over commitment several times over. But the way I see it, anybody who tells you that they have lived perfect faith and all has worked for the better is full of it and needs a whack upside the head to wake up and stop hurting other people with false perception. Nobody after all is perfect, and I have yet to meet anyone who has had a zero trouble track record. But the admiration I have is for people who have real life experiences who still motivate others to the best capacity possible. Take for example watson fit. This group is based on an individual who will not hesitate to admit that he spent 10 years in prison, and lived a successful life for 2 years since bringing a message of hope to the darkest corners of the earth. It inspired me very greatly that a man who spent ten years in prison can be a motivational speaker. And it takes that in our lives to become someone better, regardless of our situation. My life is not the perfect life in the last ten years even. But I've not been homeless in ten years, and I've become more aware about mental health recovery in extensive ways in the last three as a spiritual Satanist. These are really small things. But every small thing can add up to big things. Just think of the small amount of time it takes to get into trouble. For that one single incident you spend years recovering. And a tragic circumstance of suicidal impulses within a moment's notice, someone's life can be gone all together. I am in the process of preparing myself to be ready. To aid people in the darkest corners of Earth. To begin a prison ministry and apply mental health recovery, and do it because I am motivated to do it. That is a big factor of why I get into spiritual satanism. I like it. I like the mysticism behind it, I like the controversy in many ways, and I like the ideas of who Satan is in scriptural context when you look at certain perspectives. God sends a flood, destroys Sodom and Gomorrah, sends Israel to destroy nations by pillaging and plundering, demands sacrifices for holiness and is a very dark individual, yet within scriptures there are scant mentions of Satan. There are some central themes however, and that's where popular views have come from about him. More and more people are being hurt by false spiritual beliefs and false attitudes about true beliefs. False perceptions have kept people away from living a self empowered life. And I am developing the tools and putting action to character to live up to my words. To help people with even minor problems and character correction.