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peter Chamberland

From defeated to victory

  • Living in victory is not listening to the demeaning voice of others. It is not being cynical of yourself and taking steps to ensure that you accomplish what you say you will do. It's not having victory over someone else, but having victory over your behavior. Looking deep within the chasms of the soul, looking at your inward being and deciding what type of person you want to be and what you're willing to live with on a day to day basis. The recent times for me are a sense of urgency to change, that things can not be the same that something had to change, and in the last three days I've applied that to smoking to whittle down to three smokes a day. I wish that I could systemize this process to bring hope to others, to say just do this and you will be cured. But this will never be the case. Don't pay attention to spiritual names. Whether it is jesus or Satan you can apply the essence of a message. I don't condemn people for following whatever god they chose. I'm not favorably looked at in the left hand path because I'm more accepting of Christian belief. It's the essence of the message that counts. Believe you can do it. Procrastination is such a killer of proactivity. Don't waste another moment. A big thing of satanism is indulgence. It is not mindless indulgence like drugs and alcohol, but taking pleasure in every moment of every day in the here and now. It is focusing on the vitality of life, taking pleasure in every breath. It is appreciation of the moment and having a sense of self worth, a sense of pride. The spiritual realm of belief is an internal process, we relate to the outer world with it. It impacts our perception of how we see things. A big question that Christian's tend to shy away from is who can be like god? Yet we were made in gods image and his likeness. The idea of Lucifer ascending beyond the throne of God, gets me thinking of ascending to act. Internally the motion of something rising reaching to the subconscious levels and pulling from the inner depths is very compelling for change. This is why much of the literal belief of Christian's don't phase me and I can take positive encouragement and strive to be the best that I can be. As luke states the kingdom of heaven is within you. And there are some inner parables of let your light so shine before man. I don't find it to be a coincidence that Lucifer means light bringer from the latin lux and ferrir, and equated with the son of the morning. Jesus even later states that he is the morning star in revelation chapter 22... In order to survive as a human species and rejuvinate the world we need to look at things differently not to repeat history. We need to show that we've evolved beyond the dark days of the earth and really acquire our own enlightenment and renessiance. What inspires you to change? What motivates you to live in victory?