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peter Chamberland

Daily Divination

  • Todays demon is Melchom.. He suggests to focus on budgeting and frugility,  Tough times are around for everyone, and you may feel like the only one, but trust me, your not. Remember this when you feel the need to borrow money from people. The stress levels of borrowing that is put on someone who is going through rough times is not worth the borrowing. Just because somebody does it with a smile once or twice, does not give privelege for someone to take advantage of their kindness to diminish friendly associations.

    The Strength of Melchom is Garuda..Garuda reminds us to focus on repaying those for achieving goals, and to remain patient and perservere during hard times. Don't sway from your objectives at the first sign of a mountain ahead to climb...

    The Wisdom of Melchom is Lechies...Don't go to personal extremes to exclude those who are of a different path than you just because they are on a different path.  Reach out and focus on developing strengths all around.. If you have to, even take the stance that if you even help your enemies become stronger, you will win more glory for conquering your enemies because they are stronger..