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peter Chamberland

Never Give up

  • When things get difficult and it turns to a sense of monotony about life, I find that it takes a sense of true grit to deal with the repetition of it all and retain that sense of appreciation for things in life. When you're on a fixed income this can be especially difficult, looking for the cheap deals all the time limits the amount and quality of items that make life pleasurable, like food and beverages. When you're searching through the store for items and find the best deals are the ramen noodles and have to spice them up with things like beef and vegetables, life can be a bit daunting to say the least and it begins to feel like everything is the same. The same frozen pizzas, the same sandwiches, the same ramen recipes, burritos, and yes, even the unhealthy junk food regimen. Sour cream and onion chips can only go so far even. It feels like several times over that life begins to be on autopilot as we browse and gravitate to the same old nonsense. And this mindset is lethal to spirituality, because people often find a sense of fresh relief with it and find new directions. I used to be very much at a relief during my Christian experience because I was sincerely honest in my search for meaning. While there are those that Christianity and any religion can become systematic, just a family life style of sorts, just tagging along for the ride, I was studying as a result of an advanced spiritual experience that i wanted to find out about. Phrases in the bible seemed to jump out at me for the first time even after having read through several passages in Sunday school. I was looking for words to describe this almost euphoric feeling for life, and the simple answer that I could give was that it was a brand new path for me and I was at a relief. This did not sit well with the more experienced Christians who supposedly lived the life for several years. They brought up the point that I felt was entirely redundant at first, that anything can feel new. I found this hypocritical as well, due to their biblical statement that you become a new creation when you become "saved". This was a strong delusional pull for me in the direction of Christianity. Feeling I actually had sins to be worried about and that my spiritual self was in jeapordy enough to need to repent. I see now through more advanced studies in biblical proportions that there is a different story behind the texts. I have been called very intellectual by friends and acquaintances, and there is a point within even occult material that you can only study so much before you have to apply it some how to progress. It doesn't mean that the applied guilt trip of supposed Christians are needed to be taken in, it does not mean to pay attention to the fear mongering to need to reform life when things get adjusted. It's just a matter of developing that sense of true grit and using different means to not burn out of the things that need to be done. This brings me back to a sense of gratitude all the time for life to appreciate what I've got and that I really don't have it so bad. But always with balance. There's a push and pull frequency of activity within this mind set, and finding that balance is always a good thing. If you're struggling with life situations, I would admire the case to provide encouragement on authentic and sincere levels without advertisement scams to get you to join the infernal legions of any sort, and even for those within the white lighter religions to provide the statement to never, never, ever give up.