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peter Chamberland

Daily Divination

  • Today's demon is abraxas who warns us to beware of lies of omission... Often times people of the wrong sort will smile at you through their teeth presenting a good warm and hearty handshake while planning on plundering your city to lay it to ruin. White lies/fibs are almost just as lethal as lies of omission, and can be a source of energy for contention and bolstering ones position over another. Be wary of this today as you go about your day. Strength of Abraxas is Forcas.... The flip side of the above strategy is learning eloquence and dignity. Eloquence can be a gift and a curse, and cunning words can get your tongue tripped up over your words. Time and evidence are always measures against this. Always over time.. learn to wait and watch and when to take action. Eurynome is the wisdom of Abraxas. Wisdom tells us to beware of holding onto things and not allowing for our growth and expansion with small ideas when they are a detraction for success. If you need to think bigger, think bigger and don't be afraid to take appropriate action.