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peter Chamberland

The Three Minds

  • Christopher Penzack describes an important part of witchcraft is aligning the three minds. The three minds are different parts of the psyche such as the ego, id, and superego, but are a different way to describe it. He does not really dive into the alignment of the three minds as far as the specific techniques, but does discuss meditation which I see as a strong element of working with these concepts. I see things like aligning chakras and the middle pillar exercise as ways to accomplish this, as well as a technique not talked about enough in many books called the great rite. The great rite is usually discussed within sexual connotations as the ultimate form of the great rite is sexual. But there are different ways to use the great rite as symbolical only. The key to performing this rite is the chalice and athame. The chalice symbolizes the sometimes murky waters of the subconscious, in Satanism we relate the element of the chalice to water and hence it is associated to leviathan. I have strong associations with paimon as a female namesake related to the dragon world of leviathan. The grimoire that discusses paimon always use the phrase king in relation, but I feel since the grimoires we're written under heavy influence of the patriarchal church state that there are female within the grimoire that are more associated directly with feminine energy, paimon being one of them and one not mentioned in the grimoires specifically is Tiamet. The ritual knife, or athame is a phallic symbol that is related to the element of air usually but has become acquainted with fire in some traditions, but is interchangeable from tradition to tradition. The wand is usually the element associated with fire. To begin the great rite ritual one must be in a basic or advanced ritual state of mind, I like the beginning of the qabalistic cross ritual to instigate this state of mind, but that is much about personal preference. Once you are in your state of mind with the chalice filled with the elixir of ecstasy you declare the words to call forth leviathan, and place the tip of the athame in the chalice. This symbolizes the union of Lucifer and Leviathan, and that of becoming the great dragon. The idea of symbology here can be used for concrete ways to manifest potential in life. To increase the probabilities of the outcome of events and to admire your own spiritual form in the process. Chakras and the middle pillar exercise can as well be used to align the three minds. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that typically means wheel and relates to energy centers in the body. Typically there are seven of them from the base chakra to the crown chakra. Awakening leviathan, or rousing leviathan is a way to as well raise the Kundalini which is a fancy word that describes energy like chi. The Kundalini is energy that rests at the base of the spine and unless one actually activates it, it can remain dormant for an entire life span. The middle pillar exercise works in the opposite direction as Kundalini and is a descending energy. The full ritual of the middle pillar can be found within the book of the same name by Israel regardie. I highly suggest the exercises here as a spiritual form of thinking and ideology as they are very potent for developing the state of mind. Even just writing about them is very stimulating, and almost generates a light trance mind. These are elements that can be adapted in any situation and religion, and are not just about satanism.