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peter Chamberland

Daily Divination

  • Today's demon is Azazel who reminds us to focus on responsibility. When you make a choice to do something you need to stick with it and doing so will be more to your benefit. As such it is wise not to look to place blame for whatever ills us. Beware of this and beating yourself up as well. Seek fairness. Strength of Azazel is paimon. Paimon further elaborates on fairness and tells us to beware of unfavorable first impressions. What may look like the case may not necessarily be the case, the Al jilwah states that the sons of Adam do not know the state of things to come, and for this reason fall into many errors. Remember that knowledge and discretion is a gift from father Satan The wisdom of Azazel is beyrevra. Beyrevra advises us to not be consumed with fear. Heightened emotions are an aspect of ritual, and can be confusing at times. Don't lose your sense of self. Always be aware.