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Joel Davis


  • In the Garden of Eden there were two trees that were set apart and special. One was the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. After eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Adam and Eve became aware of something new, for now we will call it sin. Sin is clearly a condition of being and deals with people's awareness and perceptions of life.

    Read and remember this, "people are what they eat" but not what they "eat" but what they "consume and take into their soul." You are what you feed upon and if what you feed upon is truth then you should do well. If you consume only those things you choose to believe in then you are on the path to self fulfillment and you become the embodiment of the lie. As with religions they teach according to tradition that are only partly based in truth.

    "If it's not in the Bible it Doesn't Exist!"

    You have no doubt heard this expression.

    The Bible doesn't explain everything that goes on in the unseen world around us


    The original sin while it was a transgression against God's commandment or word it caused the transformation of Adam and Eve closing them off from their former connection to their Creator

    The chemistry that makes all living things in creation work is not based upon physical things, it is based upon spiritual things. The energy within a living thing that makes it alive and unique is the key to all life.

    The things that make the factors actually possible were not physical but spiritual. It wasn't the fruit they ate but the spirit and energy within the fruit that gave them the awareness that good and evil even existed. Love and hate didn't exist to Adam and Eve until they became aware, and the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil contained the spirit that made this awareness possible. God kicking them out of the Garden of Eden allowed them to come into contact with all the other spirits and entities that were all ready present within this world.

    Spirits exist around us and within us. Some spirits move about freely. Some spirits touch us, some enter us, some leave us sometimes. Spirits change people's personality. They change people's outlook on life. Spirits set our perceptions on life and set the choices we make in life. Spirits tells us what we like and what we do not like as well as how we respond to those things. The combinations of spirits within us make us who we are or who we will become. Spiritual energy contains information, personality, identity. Spirits establish what we consider to be good and evil. Some spirits are passive and respond to our will while other spirits are forceful and want us to respond to their will. Spirits feed on certain kinds of energy, energy that either drives or calms the emotions of their host. Some spirits feed on hate, anger, destruction and violence while other spirits feed on positive healing energy. Some spirits use and abuse their host while not wanting their host to be aware of them these are deceptive spirits. Other more beneficial spirits like nothing better than for their host to be aware of their presence, these are truthful helpful healing spirits. The more you know and understand about spirits the better equipped you will be to deal with them and life in general.
    Concerning God being the Ultimate Logic. Picture it like this. God is a potter and he makes a bunch of pots. Someone comes in and begins breaking those pots that God made. Do you think the potter is going to like someone breaking all the things he's made? Of course not. Anyone who claims their god tells them to break those pots is not working for being who created the pots. Therefore it is logical they are working for the enemy of the potter/Creator being.




    . The transformation blinded Adam and Eve to their connection to the Father God and made them aware of their physical nature. It gave Adam and Eve a new awareness and the freedom of spirit and soul to do things that were not only against their Creator but detrimental to themselves. Now they had a choice to obey, or disobey. This new awareness closed down their original awareness of their Creator and instead of the one rule they once had now they had several.
    . If something isn't mentioned or isn't described in some detail the teachers assume that such things do not or no longer exist. Some things that are mentioned the teachers fail to understand so they teach these things incorrectly.