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Reverend Daniel Wolfe


  • My wife, a lifelong Christian, having been raised in the Lutheran Church, asked me what I hoped to gain by accepting the ordination into the Universal Life Monestary.

    After all, it isn't a "real" church...it's just an on-line thing...

    Now, I underlined the comment about it being, just an on-line thing because; almost 15 years ago, I was living in California, in the thriving metropolis of, Chico, working with FEMA after all but one county in the state had been declared natural disaster areas following the worst flooding in the states history. At the time, my wife was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan...and we met...are you ready for this?

     "America on Line"

    As I said, we have been together almost 15 years, but...it's just an on-line thing!

    So; why did I become involved with ULC and the Monestary?

    Two reasons that struck me right out of the gate so to speak; First, the use of numerous stanzas from Desiderata. That is what caused me to want to read everything that was written on the web sites pages. That poem, that piece of literature, whatever its origin, has been a guiding example of how I wanted to live my life ever since the first time I read it as a teenager. For years, I carried a copy of it in my briefcase and would pull it out once a day and read it. I found great comfort in it and reading it made me feel more at ease with myself, more relaxed, more accepting of myself. When my ego had taken a blow, when my self esteem was at a low point, when I felt angry or hurt by some event, or some person, I would read that poem and renew myself. Any organization that relates to that poem as much as ULC does...well, I had to continue to read.

    And the more I read, the more I realized that through the Monetary and the church, I could take advantage of a calling I have felt for years but never knew how to pursue. And that is working with folks that are less fortunate through no fault of their own. Folks that were once a part of the "have's" and now find themselves in the group of the, "have-nots". People needing help and guidance with the numerous agencies that are there to help, but are to proud to seek it out for themselves, or perhaps they don't know the right questions to ask, and through the process of seeking assistance from the local food bank, or the Salvation Army, or whatever groups and organizations are local and available to help, require someone to minister to them to help them maintain their own self esteem, their own sense of self. And that is what I will be using my ministry for. Helping those that need it, navigate the world of charitable assistance while helping them maintain their sense of self worth.

    And one of these days, I'll attach a video that was done on BBC International news one night that will explain exactly why this is the calling I feel. (I just have to locate the e-file that has that video clip in it)

    In the mean time...I would enjoy hearing from you about your reason(s) for becoming involved with ULC, and what changes it has made in your life, if any.


    Blessings, All...