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Christine VanWert

It's All So NEW to Me!

  • I have heard God calling me to minister for Him since I was a little girl but, I was scared. I was scared that people would laugh at me for being honest and sharing what was in my heart.


    But, now I am older and have learned a simple truth. We are ALL scared. It's NOT God we are scared of......oh no! It's the ones we are closest to.....the ones who "love" us. They are what we are scared of!


    I am no longer scared. I have a way to minster what I know is good and true and be true to my God and myself. I hope I am able to help others be less scared along this journey we call "life".




    Rev. Christine E Van Wert



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  • Gora Adkins
    Gora Adkins You have found words to my story that is much the Same ! There is a peace that comes in knowing that I am never alone on this Journey and that others are conducting their lives in a similiar Framework ! God Bless You on your Path !
    June 14, 2009