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Jonathon Hubbard


  • Thank You to those who have sent friend requests. I am a young minister but not new to the game as it were. I have been studying religion for all of my life. Both during my homless years and my troubled years and into what I would prob now refer to as my relitively resposible and adult years(we all have our moments)

    I really don't feel I have lofty goals or reallly a lofty GOAL, I want to open a ch in my area that is set up to support as many religions as it can by providing rooms or areas for each  person of each religion to use as needed and to provide people who can answer questions teach and train or just listen when things get rough.

    I just have never understood why it was that at the very least  we all could not agree to disagree and try to understand as best we can so that as a global community and local families to better ourselves and our world. It sounds corny but our group here in Murray Ky. has supported curious Christians, Native Americans who wanted to know more about their heritage and familial ways,  Celts, Wiccans and much more. We haven't had any shootingsor beatings and all our arguments have been cival and farely free of personal attacks.


    I will do my best to blog and post discusin threads at least once a week and am available to help anyone or talk 365 so just shoot a line and I will get back at you.

    May you ALL be blessed and may all your goals be reached


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  • Rev. Thomas J. Polis
    Rev. Thomas J. Polis Thanks for the intro, Jonathon. Nice to meet and know you. Many Blessings!
    August 12, 2009