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Miami, FL - Blessing Way

  • A blessing way is a special ceremony where close family and friends gather at the pregnant woman's house to honor her and the coming baby. Guests are usually also asked to bring a few special items to give to the mother, some people decide to this blessing way at the baby shower or as a separate ceremony. Some of these things might be a special bead, which would be strung along with everyone else's and made into a bracelet that mom can wear during labor in reminder of everyone's wishes/strength are with her. It could be one bead for mom and one for baby. Sometimes a seed is brought to represent something special, such as a quality the mother has or to tell a metaphorical story of strength, or to just plant in the backyard. Also a special item to place on the blanket. This item might represent the woman's own birth that was positive for her, or something special that gave them strength, a gift or a blessing for the baby written as a poem, or shared with everyone as the bead is placed on the necklace, and last but not least food for the feast after the ceremony is also a welcome gift.

    Special $60 - 1 Hour Ceremony - Julia Benitez 786-873-9686