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  • Greetings,

    You may be wondering who I am. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rev. Chris Pickens. I am a Minister of All Faiths with the Universal Life Church. As such, we believe that we are all children of the same universe life force creator, no matter what religion you believe in.


    I would have to say that Erich Von Daniken said it best:

    "In view of the inevitable confrontation with the future, would it not be more intelligent to use new imaginative ideas when conjuring up our past? Without being unbelieving, we can no longer afford to be credulous. Every religion has an outline, a schema, of its god; it is constrained to think and believe within the frame-work of this outline. Meanwhile, with the space age, the intellectual Day of Judgment comes ever nearer. The Theological clouds will evaporate, scattered like shreds of mist. With the decisive step into the universe, we shall have to recognize that there are not over 2 million gods, not 20,000 sects, not just 10 great religions, but only one."


    However, In this world, there are only two real true religions: What you read and believe, and what you are told and believe. These are completely different from one another. Faiths have corrupted scriptures so much with dogma and indoctrination, that no one really understands exactly what they believe in. People blindly follow their religious leaders, believing in what is said without ever reading and understanding what their religion and faith really teach, like sheep to the slaughter.


    This is an outcry. A "call-to-action" if you will. I am but one person. I need help. That is where you, the viewer/reader/listener, comes in. I am looking for people from all over the world willing to volunteer their time and effort to assist me in my mission. I need help from open-minded people of many ideologies from all faiths, religion, philosophy, and mythology. We never have to really ever actually meet in person. Everything can be done online. I need volunteers that are experts, volunteers that are novice, volunteers that are unbiased, and volunteers that are willing to learn about the origins, inner-workings, and the ties of Religion and the spiritual. I need people who are from every affiliation, band, belief, body, chapter, church, clan, clique, communion, congregation, connection, creed, cult, denomination, doctrine, faction, faith, following, gathering, 'ism, order, party, persuasion, religion, schism, school, sect, and society. I need people like you. The doctors, the lawyers, the teachers, and the laborers. From political and religious leaders, from Hollywood to the street, from the rich and powerful, to the poor and destitute. No matter what you do, you can help.


    Whilst engaged on the Translations contained in these volumes, and on my notes accumulating to the various scriptures and books, I have found myself led unavoidably into a much more extensive course of reading, translating, and logical thinking than I had originally contemplated, and one which in great measure bears both directly and indirectly upon the earlier translations and languages. Before commencing in these labors, I was aware, generally, that there existed a connection between the extra-biblical literature and the biblical cannon; but as I advanced, I became better acquainted with the closeness and extent of that connection, its histories, and the proofs by which it is supported. At the same time, indeed, I became aware, and still strongly feel, that it is one thing to collect facts, and quite another to classify and draw from them their legitimate conclusions.


    If you have ever read any religious book, literature, or scripture, and felt that something did not click, like there is something missing, then you are who I need. Allow me to show you how religions have been shaped, and how they are all interconnected. Help me to make the story complete once again. With the advancements of science and technology, as well as the discoveries in the last 100 years with all of the extra-biblical scriptures that have been discovered and not included in any current bible, this is something that must be done. From these scattered fragments, quotations, and references, we are able, in some degree, to restore the order of its thought, and in part its actual phraseology in one or more of the of scriptures, scrolls, fragments, and books.


    Allow me to make this clear, I am not trying to make a new religion. This is not my goal, nor my mission. I am merely trying to create peace among the different religions, by showing that we are not so different from one another, I believe this can be done by as closing up all of the gaps within the biblical narrative. Studying with me, you will see that everything points to one goal, and one goal only: peace and tolerance of your fellow human.


    I will oversee all editing unto completion to make sure that everything fits together correctly, chronologically, and properly. I am not going to be making money off of this. Once completed, this work will be published under a public license to that no one can claim it and make any money from it. I am not trying to get rich from it. This is my gift to the world, completely free and distributable. I just need help constructing it.


    Any assistance that can be given would be greatly appreciated, whether it be becoming an incubator, investor, or contributor to my cause so that I can work diligently on this and so that I can buy supplies such as books, notebooks, and even to be able to afford Internet to do research and to keep in communication with fellow volunteers since the only time I get Internet access as it is now, is when I go to the local Library, or anywhere else to jump off of free WiFi, causing me to feel as if I am waisting my time, and perhaps ultimately dying one day without seeing this work to completion;  or allowing me to teach you how to do what I am doing as so that some of the weight can be lifted off of my own shoulders. Everything I do with this project can be found on-line completely free and open to the general public so that anyone can read it. I have provided links at the end of this, so if you are interested, you can check out what I have done so far. Nothing I am doing is in private or "behind closed doors" so to speak.


    If this project interests you, then please contact me for details.


    Together we can do this. Together we CAN make a difference.


    Please only serious inquiries. I do not wish to waste my time with with people trying to criticize me or my work. For those of you who want to look down upon me for this, I have only this to say: Brethren, do not disparage one another. In disparaging one of his brethren, in passing judgement on him, a man disparages the law, and passes judgment on the law; and in passing judgment on the law you are setting yourself up to be its censor and a judge, instead of obeying it, thus you are not a doer of the law, but a judge. There is only one Law-giver, only one Judge, he who has power to destroy and to set free. So who are you, to sit in judgement on your neighbor? Who are you, the one who has set yourself up as the one that judges another?


    Thank-you for your time and consideration regarding this subject matter.

    Namaste and may God bless!

    I am Rev. Chris Pickens.












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