Welcome to the ULC Minister's Network

Services Offered

  • Marriage/Handfasting: $60 Basic Ceremony/$80 More Extravagant Ceremony + Travel and Material Costs.

    *Quality Photography and Planning Assitance Included by paying an extra $20-$30*

    Prayers/Sermons: $0.00, however, donations are appreciated.

    Blessings/Namings/Wiccaning/Awakening/Baptism/Christening: $30 Basic Ceremony or Ritual/$40 More Extravagant Ceremony or Ritual + Travel and Material Costs.

    Mentorship, Goals & Spiritual Counseling:

    $80 Monthly (If Over The Phone With Email Worksheets)

    $100 Monthly + Travel and Material Costs (If I Will Be Traveling To You.)

    *Appointments will be once a week. *

    Paranormal Investigation Package

    $140 + Travel and Material Costs.

    Meeting via phone is required before the actual investigation, cleansing, purification and blessing occur. If you have any of your own evidence please let me know and be prepared to submit copies to me via email so that I can better assist you.

    Spiritual Readings: $20 per session. (This can be done from a distance using tarot cards, dreams, meditation and runes. I am willing to do readings in person but there will be additional costs.)

    Contact Me: xsacredobliviongrove@gmail.com or 760-524-1207