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  • Hello All,

    Hope you all are having a blessed Saturday. I am a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, a spiritualist, and an Ordinated Minister. My plan with my ordination is to perform weddings (which I first got Jan. 2016, my Reiki certification Oct. 2015), and I am also open to performing Reiki treatments on anyone that wants one. If you're in need of a minister for your wedding, and/or want some Reiki, please e-mail me at emilyangeloff@gmail.com with what you'd like. I do charge for an hour-long Reiki treatment session, it's $60.00. I've never performed a wedding before, but I'm thinking $280 will be a good amount if you could pay me that. Thank you very much, many blessings, and I look forward to getting your e-mail.

    Emily Angeloff