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    I am raising money to buy some land and a community Church Building. I am an Ordained Minister. I have all rights to perform any and all acts of my own church. 

         The church will be "Opened door" to anyone in the Commune.  I am praying to get a food handing license for a soup kitchen, and a "Day care" facility for the young ones when their parents have to work. 

        I am also looking for volunteers, Brothers, and Sister who share the same faith, and beliefs in GOD. 

       I grew up in a small area, and I know the struggles of being in a frugal comity. 

        As of now, we are searching for good flat land, and a constructed building, or a place to build such a building. 

         With the Grace of God, I pray that you kind people will come to the Lords will, and help a small man, from a small town build and worship God,  

    All money raised will go into the Church and the Community. 

        ~May God Bless you! 

           Minister Shawn Dwayne Blankenship