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  • Welcome to WWRM with Sis Dionne Spiritual Counseling and Services!

    Thank you for visiting! My name is Sis Dionne, I am Humble Servant of Humanity & Scribe. I have over 20 years experience serving families, couples, individuals and communities. I'm a Healthcare Professional, Spiritual Counselor, Initiate Priest, Ordained Minister and Officiant. I serve as an Ambassador for Self Improvement, basics for Community Development.

    Are you having difficulty with family, your partner/spouse, job, loss of a loved one?

    450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

    Treatments are available, but nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from a health professional. Stigma, discrimination and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Perhaps you are one of 450 million person struggling with mental illnesses, abuse, ptsd, spiritual imbalances?

    Seeking guidance and direction to identify core issues that inhibit you from reaching your fullest potential and fulfillment, is Most Important and Beneficial for Your Health and Well-Being.

    Perhaps you have other issues you’d like to explore? Love, Finances, New Direction, Opportunities, Courage, Faith. These are my primary areas of focus to, name a few. Together we can work on improving your outlook.

    My work is a process of collaboration between you and I to develop goals, identify your strengths and naturally support to address the issues that have brought you into consultation. We'll explore how your experiences have impacted your relationship with yourself as well as others.

    My Clients:☆☆☆☆☆
    Seeking consultation may result in new ways of communicating, recognizing other’s feelings, to have empathy into why we and those we love do the things we do. Spiritual guidance can help bring insight into your own inner divine purpose, offer clarity, give direction, improve your relationships, health and wellness.

    Are you ready to start?
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    The National Institute of Mental Health states that one-third of adults in the US experience an emotional or substance abuse problem or disorder in their lifetime. Almost 25 percent of adults in the US will experience depression or anxiety. These numbers show that facing problems and struggles in life don’t mean that you are crazy or alone. When problems like anxiety, depression or anything else you may be going through develop, don’t go at it alone – get help.
    Psychotherapy – also known as “talk therapy” – is a process where psychological and emotional issues are worked on through communication between myself and the client.
    An In depth Interactive Consultant, identifying areas of self awareness and perceptions, challenges and opportunities, grief and spiritual development. The goal in this session is to help facilitate ideas of creativity, purpose and heroism. Includes tools to enhance and reinforce homeostasis and longevity.

    Psychic Phenomenon
    Spiritual Readings/Consults
    Interactive Consultants $75/hr
    Recorded Readings $60 for the following; (choose one)

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    Contact Info required for Paid Psychotherapy and Psychic Phenomenon Consults:
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    Paid Consults will be responded to within 48.
    Inquiries will be responded in the order in which they were received.
    No refunds offered on paid scheduled Spiritual Readings. You may reschedule your within 48 hours after payment has been received, if time permits, paid scheduled Spiritual Readings may be rescheduled after 48 hours time has exceeded.

    No Refunds offered on Paid Scheduled Psychotherapy Consults. You can reschedule your Psychotherapy Consultation up to 3 months of original payment date. No refunds will be offered after 3 months on paid scheduled Psychotherapy Consults.

    Thank you,
    I truly look forward to working with you.
    Sis Dionne

    Officiant Services
    Wedding and Notary Officiant
    We welcome ALL couples regardless of their race, faith religious status. We serve as mobile clergy for Wedding Ceremonies, Anointing, Ceremonial Rites. Prayer, Community and faith-based Services.

    We provide Mobile Officiant Services and travel to your home, venue, or location . Mobile Notary Service:

    We Provide our clients with affordable, friendly, and professional mobile notary service. Our goal is to protect the personal rights and property of private citizens and businesses by the witnessing of signatures and verification of confirmed identity. We travel to your home, office, hospital, or other location that serves your needs. Our flexible scheduling allows for evening and weekend appointments. Our standard quote includes up to 3 notarized signatures.
    • Power of Attorney
    • Medical Power Of Attorney
    • Wills
    • Medical Documents
    • Employment Documents (I-9)

    Hospice - Bereavement
    Provide emotional and spiritual counseling to patients and their families. Bereavement services, including phone calls, visits and memorial services, to family members upon the death of a patient and/or family member.

    Sis Dionne, Community Ambassador training and preparations.

    Ministry of Self Improvement
    Ministry Of Health And Mental Hygiene
    Ministry Of Defense Disaster Preparedness Task Force
    Ministry Of Defense Community Emergency Response Team

    1. Two newsletters; Driving In The Midst Of A Disaster and
    2. Traveling In The Midst Of A Disaster (Bus, Train & Plane)
    3. Vehicle Emergency Kit List
    4. What To Do During A Winter Emergency
    5. Safety And Security
    6. Family Emergency Plan Forms
    7. Family Emergency Card
    8. Child ID Kit.
    9. Active Shooter Booklet
    • Emergency Crisis - Covid-19 (2020 edition)
    Basic CPR/AED

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