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  • Hello World Family,

    I am a minister in the 4ofLikeKind.com family of ministers. We are a family of dedicated spiritualists seeking to bring quality Pagan ministerial content to the world. With various religious histories, educational backgrounds and life experiences our team of Intuitive Consultants offers a variety of life-changing modalities to meet your pagan family needs. 

    4 of Like Kind is committed to providing quality intuitive spiritual counseling, therapeutic energy healing, physical bodywork modalities, & educational resources for those seeking personalized paths to self-care and wellness on a multidimensional level. 

    Spiritual Services
    There are times in our lives when we need help, and we need it from a spiritual adviser or medicine person. Our ordained ministers and team specialize in caring for groups that are often ostracized: LGBTQA+, Two-Spirits, Native Americans, Pagans, Witches, Veterans and anyone truly seeking our help.
    Guided Spirit Journeys
    House Cleansings
    House Blessings
    Energy Healing
    Chakra Balancing
    Painbody Removals
    Sacred Womb Healing
    Intuitive Card Readings
    Intuitive Healing Bodywork


    A Handfasting is a traditional ceremony to wed partners in a sacred union that originated the phrase “tie the knot” and modern weddings. We talk with you throughout your engagement to ensure you understand the spiritual and physical commitments of a life-long journey together. Get deep before you take the plunge.

    Group Packages:
    1-25 People $1200 or 25-50 People $1500
    Package includes:
    Initial Consultation ($75)
    Six Monthly Check-Ins
    Vows and Ceremony Ritual
    Optional Bridal Party Activity
    Ceremonial Smudges
    Day of Ceremony
    Additional family consultations available.


    Please email 4oflikekind@gmail.com for more information or to book an initial consultation.