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  • May 7, 2022 - posted by Archbp Leonardo Marin Saavedra
    • Is it paid? No
    • When June 17, 2022
    El día 30 de julio, 2021, fue detenido arbitrariamente por unidades del BECGV, adscritos al Ministerio de Interiores “Justicia y Paz” del gobierno venezolano del Señor Presidente Nicolás Maduros-Moros (creemos que los mencionados funcionarios actuaron a espalda del G...
  • April 29, 2022 - posted by Tim Yorty
    • Do you charge? Yes
    ULC ordained minister and Dr. of Biblical Studies. Non-denominational, international missionary & evangelistic speaker providing services for weddings, baby dedication ceremonies, house blessings, business blessings, personal spiritual blessings, Bible study resources and instruction, church service...
  • April 15, 2022 - posted by Dr. Melissa L. Strawser
    • Do you charge? Yes
    Hello! I am an open-minded, non-denominational, ordained minister that provides services for weddings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies, house blessings and clearings, business blessings, and personal energy work.  For commitment ceremonies and weddings, I am available for small or large c...
  • April 13, 2022 - posted by Marcey Warner
    • Do you charge? Yes
    Local wedding officiant looking to help you have the best wedding! Mine was the best and I want to offer the same to all! I believe that everyone has the chance to make their life wonderful with the partner they choose. I am ready and available. I would like to have notice and meet up so we can plan...
  • April 4, 2022 - posted by Pastor Sarah Grace Ake ULCM
    • Do you charge? No
      Domestic Violence Recovery This is a 100% online Domestic Abuse Recovery program for domestic violence survivors. This program can be completed at your own pace. Faith-based & psychologically based, our program is designed to instill love, joy, patience, comp...
  • March 29, 2022 - posted by Kriz Pickett
    • Do you charge? No
    I'm in search of a church who is in need of a minister/Pastor in or around the Somerset Area
  • March 24, 2022 - posted by John Bibby
    • Do you charge? Yes
    My Name Is John D. Bibby,     I Am A Licensed Ordained Minister In Columbia, MO.  Please Allow Me To Officiate Your Upcoming Wedding Ceremony or Your Loved One's Funeral Service.
  • March 19, 2022 - posted by Edward Walker
    • Do you charge? Yes
    Ordained minister available for weddings, baptisims, funerals. Illinois/Iowa Quad City area. Would love to visit with you and help in planning your specific ceremony. Everyone is welcome to share in God's Word.
  • March 16, 2022 - posted by William Richardson
    • Do you charge? Yes
    Tulsa and surrounding areas.    I can travel the entire state, depending on schedule availability, and negotiated fee to be paid upfront.    LGBTQ Friendly. Secular, religious, etc, ALL welcome.  I have done a satanist wedding in the past, so I do not discriminate on what ...
  • March 13, 2022 - posted by Younis Rubani Choudhary
    • Do you charge? No
    I am as missionary, seeking your persuaded sympathetic concern, and small financial support, to promote my social welfare Christianity mission towards the weaker class aspirants and helpless families. Our volunteers are working as team, to support the needy and helpless families, in connection with ...