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  • December 8, 2017 2:44 PM PST
    Nov 2014 was my last day of Home PT after a 5 hour surgery 5 hours in the recovering room and what turn out a week in the Hospital , all done now just continue healing. Still NO pain and have stop taking 4 pain MEDs. Wow, it for the Grace of God that I am healing without the need for these MEDs that I had been taking for years. Being able to relax in HIS healing has been such a transforms in my heart and mind as to how HE is in control of our needs if we come to HIM. When I left the hospital, I told Diane my wife that GOD was going to be my MEDs/ pain pills.   Pray often to GOD and ask HIM to help us in our efforts to grow our faith and to live as Christians, Prayer plays a vita role in our relationship with GOD and with HIS son Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:12 ). Prayer, and the need for us to pray appears throughout the Bible and we need to rely on GOD such as I did after my surgery and make prayer a big part of our life.(James 5:16) tells us that the prayer of a good person has a powerful effect. These are not just "ask for prayers", but prayers where we thank GOD for everything HE has done, for use . When we pray we sense the presence of the Holy Spirit within us.
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    March 19, 2019 5:39 AM PDT

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