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Yahwism - the Original Biblical Belief of Israel

  • May 1, 2019 1:51 AM PDT

    Yahwism is the belief in and worship of the Almighty Sovereign Creator Power, the Life-Force Essence as revealed to Ancient Israel in the Hebrew Bible. It is a pure monotheistic belief in that ONE True Almighty Sovereign as required by this Almighty from the ancient Israelites through inspiration to His anointed prophets.

    Yahwism is distinct from the polytheism of pagan nations. The name derives from YHWH (Hebrew) English (Yahweh) as the covenant name He give to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel and Moses (Exodus 3:15-16). Yahweh is the Original Originator of everything existing. His name means He Is, He Exists, or Ever-Living. Yahweh is the only name for the Almighty that Yahwists (believers in Yahweh) accept as the personal proper name for the Almighty.

    Yahwists reject replacement names such as God, Jehovah, or Lord since these are all false. Yahwists use the Hebrew name Yahshua (not Jesus) as the proper name for the prophet of the Greek writings. Yahshua means “YHWH is Savior” in Hebrew.

    Yahwists believe that the Hebrew Bible (excluding all the folk-tales like Esther, Ruth, Job) contains the only authoritative inspired words of the Almighty to man. Yahwists accept the principles in the Synoptic Gospels and the epistle of James since they follow the Hebrew Bible. Yahwists reject the Gospel of John and the writings of Paul/Saul. The Gospel of John fabricates the Prophet Yahshua into a god-man equal with Yahweh and establishes human sacrifice that Yahweh condemns; it is false Doctrine. The Pharisee Paul/Saul was not of the twelve chosen disciples (Acts 1:23-26); he is an impostor.

    Yahwists believe that all religious writings represent human attempts to understand “God” and change Yahweh inspired words by opinions and conjectures of uninspired men.

    Yahwists reject the Jewish Talmud, the Kabala, the Oral Law, rabbinical or religious additions, and all principles subsequent to those found in the Hebrew Bible.

    Yahwists sometimes refer to Yahwism as “Israelism” and to themselves as “True” Israelites. Anyone who calls upon the Almighty (using “God” as a name) or who accepts the oral traditions of men are not True Israelites but have bought into a false belief. According to the Hebrew Bible, Christian beliefs, and beliefs like Mormonism and Judaism have become deceptive religions by accepting man-made traditions.Yahwism rejects the pagan doctrine of the Trinity.

    The Hebrew Bible teaches that Yahweh is a unified ONE. Yahweh cannot be “divided” into persons or beings. Yahweh is a pure (non-physical) Life-Force
    Essence that fills His entire Created Universe; all that exists.

    Yahwists believe in strict monotheism, that Yahweh is One (Isaiah 45:5-6).

    Yahwism teaches that Yahshua honored and used the Hebrew Bible and taught from it as an appointed true teacher of Yahwism. He was not divine in any way and did not die for anyone’s sins since human sacrifice is forbidden by Yahweh (Psalm 106: 37-40).

    Yahwists believe that all communication to man as recorded in the Hebrew Bible came through Yahweh’s appointed created agents (the messengers, angels) so that homage given to any of them is always directed to Yahweh Himself.

    Yahwism teaches that salvation comes by Yahweh’s mercy through His renewed covenant (now internal) and by living righteously according to the principles established first in the Hebrew Bible.

    Yahwists deny that Jesus is the Savior or Redeemer; only Yahweh is the Savior and true Redeemer (Isaiah 43:10-11).

    Yahwism rejects the concept of a progressive revelation. The idea of “progressive revelation” is simply a ploy used to justify all kinds of additions, revisions, and changes to the revealed inspired word of Yahweh as found only in the Hebrew Bible.

    Yahwists believe that all newer religions like Islam, Mormonism,Christianity, and others, all depend upon some “new revelation” in order to appear valid to susceptible people.

    Only Yahwism is true to the Hebrew Bible, to the Almighty of the ancient Israelites. Yahwism tests the Prophets. Yahweh does not change; He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yahwism is
    the foundational belief for all Yahwists as it was for Yahshua, messiah of the Greek writings.