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Sage David Rosman

Radio Debate Partner Needed

  • The question concerning marriage equality are coming to a
    head this week with the Supreme Court reviewing the Defense of Marriage Act,
    DOMA. I was invited to debate this issue on an Internet radio program, but the worthy
    opponent has not returned my emails.


    I am seeking a proponent of DOMA who is knowledgeable of the
    biblical and political need to debate on this show. We have a number of dates
    available to participate in this one-hour show.


    I, of course, reject the idea of DOMA as a violation of the
    First Amendment’s “Establishment Clause” and believe such a law does not meet
    today’s social norms or morals.


    I do promise that this is not meant to be a shouting match,
    something I want to avoid at all costs, but an intelligent conversation
    concerning marriage equality in America.

    Please contact me directly at David@InkandVoice.com so we can make