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  • Hell Hath Frozen Over

    An InkAndVoice commentary: I do feel sorry for the Haters because they lost their knowledge of their scripture, history, humanity and honor. http://wp.me/p1GlX2-yf
  • Radio Debate Partner Needed

    The question concerning marriage equality are coming to ahead this week with the Supreme Court reviewing the Defense of Marriage Act,DOMA. I was invited to debate this issue on an Internet radio program, but the worthyopponent has not returned my emails.   I am seeking a proponent of DOMA who...
  • A video commentary and math: FEMA + the First Amendment + Hurri

    So, FEMA does not give money to SAndy does not provide aide to churches, synogoges, temples, shrines, etc, because some one in their legal office said it would be a violation of the First Amendment. Contrary to my Church/State Speration proponent friends, I believe FEMA is wrong...  http://you...
  • New Year's Mohel?

    A New Year’s Essay - Is there really a New Year’s Mohel named… what??   Read more...  http://inkandvoice.com/?p=1994
  • Gun Control and Second Amendment

    New Columbia Missourian essays - It's past time to get serious about gun laws and taxes - http://inkandvoice.com/2012/12/time-gun-laws-taxes/   and Responsind to varying views on gun control -  http://inkandvoice.com/2012/12/gun-control-views/    Your comments are alway...
  • Sage Dave's Holiday Message

    A holiday wish to all and to all, Good Night. Damn it’s tomorrow already…   One question - Who is Philip Navada?   http://inkandvoice.com/2012/12/philip-navada/
  • Request for Information

    My fellow travelers...   I am working on my second book and need some assistance from you. The topic is politics, religion and homosexuality, focusing on the Clobber Passages, the story of Sodom and Gommorah and marriage protection laws. However, I am now at a small plateau that needs to be c...
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. http://inkandvoice.com/2011/11/thanksgiving-2011/
  • Book Research

    I am starting my research for my next book. The working title is “The War Against Religion.” As with “A Christian Nation?” I am seeking proofs that there is a war against religion and, more specifically, against Christianity, Islam, Judaism and atheism. Please respond here or...
  • Separation Issues

    “It seems some arguing our government can’t regulate their beliefs also argue government is based on Christianity, claiming both ends of the continuum.” http://inkandvoice.com/2011/11/church-state/
  • The Pledge v. the Constitution

    Does the American Pledge of Allegiance constitute a congressionally approved public prayer, a violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution? I believe it does.-  Read more: http://wp.me/pDkAX-5e
  • Have We Entered a Holy War?

     My friends, Here is my latest commentary for InkandVoice.com. As always, your comments and critiques are welcomed. “Afghanistan has become an apocalyptic movement to assure the second coming of the Messiah. Without the existence of Israel, without the defeat of the Islamic enemy, without the...
  • Is the US a Christian Nation?

    I am doing some research concerning the support of the position that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. The amount of information I have received is mostly anecdotal, selected quotes from Founding Fathers or selections from the Christian Bible. I am searching for objective evidence...
  • Eternal Life

    I could not think of a better group to ask - I am working on a lecture series concerning our pluristic society and religious beliefs. I am a Jew by birth and tradition, even wanting to be a Cantor at one point in my life. Over the years I have dropped my theistic belief and moved through deism,...
  • Who is Yahwey?

    My dear gentlepersons: I know the origins of the term "Yahwey" and its various spellings. It is my understanding that the word is not found in the Torah except as a respelling of "Adonoi" as to not insult God if misused. Is this correct? If you are a Jewish of Christian scholor,...
  • 2010 Irish Basphamy Laws

    Please read the following blog: http://blasphemy.ie/2010/01/01/atheist-ireland-publishes-25-blasphemous-quotes/ Ireland is seeking to instill greater religious restriction by removing frreom of speech rules concerning religion, speficially Chritianity, though Islam is included. Nonbelievers, atheis...
  • Holidays, greetings and atheism

    My newst commentary has been pposted. I would appreciate your comments concerning th subject and the style of writing. http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/12/17/column-message-season-more-important-religion-behind-it/ Rabbi, Brother, Reverend, Sage David Rosman
  • Crime and Punishment

    Four police officers were murdered this morning (11/29/2009) in Lakewood Washington. Please read my new commentary on Ink and Voice -   http://wp.me/pDkAX-Z  As always, your comments are welcomed. David Rosman  
  • In Memory of a True Patriot

      For those who survived Thanksgiving, please remember Meleagris Gallopavo, better known as Tom Turkey, and his wife Henrietta. From the Columbia MIssourian - http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/11/26/memorium-those-turkeys-who-came/ David