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Sage David Rosman

Who is Yahwey?

  • My dear gentlepersons:

    I know the origins of the term "Yahwey" and its various spellings. It is my understanding that the word is not found in the Torah except as a respelling of "Adonoi" as to not insult God if misused. Is this correct? If you are a Jewish of Christian scholor, in the braod sense of the term, and can provide my your opinion and support, please do. I am working on a commentary as the first entry to a new blog site on religion.

    David Rosman 

  • Minister Marty C.
    Minister Marty C. I am not a Jewish/Hebrew "scholar", however, it is my understanding that YHVH--or the hebrew letters "Yodh-He-Vav-He"--are the representation of the name God gave Moses. That in itself is often mistranslated as "I AM who I AM". That's not it. It is actua...  more
    February 16, 2010
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Thank you Mary, however, the word is pronounced Adonoi (יֱיְ) spelled as YHVH - in Hebrew two letters and two vowels. Jews call God Adonai, Hebrew for "Lord" (Hebrew spelled fully as אֲדֹנָי) and to not to use the Lords name in vain. In Hebrew "I am Who I...  more
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    Deleted Member Mary, I am sorry, I was not signed in at my college computer. The last and this are from David Rosman.
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  • Sage David Rosman
    Sage David Rosman These are great responses. Please keep them coming.

    Thank you for the information. There is an older book titled "God - A Biography" by Jack Miles (http://www.amazon.com/God-Biography-Jack-Miles/dp/0679743685). His thesis is that there were multipl...  more
    February 17, 2010