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Sage David Rosman

Have We Entered a Holy War?

  •  My friends,

    Here is my latest commentary for InkandVoice.com. As always, your comments and critiques are welcomed.

    “Afghanistan has become an apocalyptic movement to assure the second coming of the Messiah. Without the existence of Israel, without the defeat of the Islamic enemy, without the great battle between good and evil, the prophecies of Revelations cannot come true.”  Read more: http://wp.me/sDkAX-success

    Sage Dave

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    Deleted Member Thank you for the kind words. The paragraph, as you read, was meant to be the argument from the traditionalist Christians who also saw the increase of nuclear weapons and a "good thing."

    The link was very interesting and I agree with Weinstein. The...  more
    July 7, 2010 - delete