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Neil Frisch

Positive news from the hospital

  • My nephew is in the hospital he received a bone marrow transplant last week. When you get a bone marrow transplant among other things it drops your white blood cell count down to nothing. He has been in a sterile room few several days now as his blood count dropped off the radar. Today for the first time it started going back up. HE is still pretty sick but he is starting to not only fight back but he is starting to win! GO Gabe! I can't put into words how wonderful it is to have something positive to say about his battle. At times like this we all turn to prayer. Many people have been praying for Gabe and will continue to do so. When I pray for him I can feel the connectivity off all his friends and family. It is a powerful thing to witness. I think his battle has brought many people closer to their spirituality. Which sounds just like something my sisters child would do. Make everyone else stronger by becoming sick. My sister is just that kind of person. It makes sense her son would be too.

    I went to my other blog to enter this and I came across a story about a girl who was rapped at an early age and became a cutter. Her story made me realize how vulnerable we all are. She was able to overcome her addiction to self injury, mainly by falling in love, with a very supportive young man. They are further proof how powerful a force love is. Many religions try to define what god is. Many people dedicate their entire lives to getting a better understanding of what spirituality means. To me it is love. We love each other and support each other, when times get hard. Eventually we are rewarded with spiritual bliss. We pray to various entities, sometimes we quarrel over who gets to define God. But in the end we all pray to something and we get strength. Sometimes we don't even recognize the strength we receive. Sometimes like it is for me today. The power of love is so overwhelming it can't be denied.