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Neil Frisch

Let's save the sick


    It occurs to me that the death squads, some fools seem to think are eminent, would be an improvement over what we have now. At least then we would be able to prepare for it and know what to expect. Currently we have a system that is design to deny coverage for all but the least expensive costs. Sure when you go to the HMO you get a check up and whatever shots your children may need. Try getting an STD test from them sometime and see what happens. See what happens if you discover you have colon cancer and need Chemotherapy. I'll tell you, you get denied. Most people who have insurance have no idea how little it covers until they get really sick. Suddenly that insurance, they have been bragging about paying for themselves, doesn't cover all their expenses. Soon they no longer have a savings account, instead they are declaring bankruptcy to pay medical bills. Those are just the people who actually pay for insurance. The millions of people who don't have employer provided insurance well they just die, or go on government support.


    It would be funny if it weren't so sad. The blatant ignorance of the screamers on this issue reminds me of all the ditto heads screaming about how dangerous it is to pass environmental protections. If you combine ignorance with misinformation and anger, you can convince a small (but vocal) group that the good guys are out to get them. They believe it is up to them to protect us all. Unfortunately the protection they offer, is a slow journey into destitution.


    People we need the government option. We need to force the insurance companies to pay for medical treatment, or let them go out of business. The system we have now (in America) is broken. Every other (developed) country in the world has a better system than we do in America. Don't listen to the lies about how bad health care in places like Canada is. Do some research, find out how much better coverage in Canada is, than it is here. Then question anything said by; anyone who told not to let it happen here.


    It is our moral obligation to take care of our sick. That is one of the fundamentals of being civilized. We can't pretend to be caring people and at the same time let people die, because they can't afford medical treatment, in the richest country in the world. Get out there today and explain the truth to anyone who has your attention. We are on the verge of losing (once again) to corporate greed. Don't let this happen. If ever there was an issue we should all get together on, no matter what faith we are, this is it.


    Oh and one last note. There never was a plan for death squads. I'm sure you already know that. However if you are listening to someone who tells you there was, please find a better source for your information. The politicians (and the media) who talk about death squads are lying. They know they are lying to you. Stop listening to lies!

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