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  • Reflections of Judges

    Posted December 31, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

      Reflections of Judges   I sit in the courtroom, as I watch the business of the judges convict from listening to the appeals of the lawyers accusing and pleading.  I begin my meditation, and I develop my love from within by going to a place of day dreaming, to find that in the pre...

  • Reflections of Joshua

    Posted December 31, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

      Reflections of Joshua   As I sit here and worship the Lord while I eat this delicious blueberry muffin, I dive into the muffin as love surrounds me.  I taste the delicious fruits mixed within its ingredients.  I am thankful for the food, shelter and clothing that I have toda...

  • Reflections of Deuteronomy

    Posted December 31, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

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  • Reflections of Numbers

    Posted December 31, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

      Reflections of Numbers     How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of the lollipop?  A childhood play that most kids of my age remember the commercial of the lollipop ad.  In the knowledge of God we find that our repetitions in life and quantity played a huge ...

  • We have the power to make a better world

    Posted December 31, 2009 by Jizo Hodo Thompson

       Many of us today feel that modern science needs a renewed commitment to human values. While the main purpose of science is to learn about reality, another of it's goels is to improve the quality of life. But without altruistic motivation, scientists cannot distinguish between benef...

  • Purpose Personal Power and Commitment part 2

    Posted December 31, 2009 by Timothy Hayes

        On Tuesday, the mindshifters group watched the second half of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled, "Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment".  The theme of the second half of this talk was about the process of denial and suppression and how it leads to discomfort and dis-ea...

  • Reflections of Leviticus

    Posted December 30, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

    Reflections of Leviticus   Within the gazing of the sky, I wonder what is the consumption of the clouds, the elements of the colors from the rainbow, and finally, what is happening as I am meditating in the universe, the heavens and beyond.  I found that my mind sit under the understandi...

  • Why I chose ULC

    Posted December 30, 2009 by Peggy Androes

    My husband and I have been having servere money problems recently, he lost his job and I have 3 shattered discs in my lower spine so I am unable to work.  I have applied for disability, but it is going to take 90-120 days to hear the decision.  I contacted a local minister to see if he cou...

  • Food for Thought

    Posted December 30, 2009 by Rev Robert Fuller

      I agree the scripture does say there will be no male or female, we will be as the Angels, however let me play devil's advocate for a moment and ask you to read;          Gen 6:2 "KJV & 1611 KJV" That the sons of God saw the daughters of men tha...

  • the streets

    Posted December 30, 2009 by dr. Gregory Robinson

     I was Homeless for 8months staying on and off the streets So I become a street Rev. helping those to Father God

  • Greatest Prayer

    Posted December 30, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

    As censorship undergoes an overhaul of what is and isn't "family friendly", and political correctness seeks to find gentler expressions and definitions, there is an underlying message of the power of words.  Words have an uncanny ability to create images in our minds that we, in-turn, ...

  • Is Life Fair?

    Posted December 30, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

    As much as we like to think we know "what is" and "what isn't" right and fair in life and about life, the surprising ways and shocking events of life still happen and sometimes on a level that just rocks us to the core of our being: A baby is the sole survivor of an automob...

  • Ethically Questioning Authority.

    Posted December 29, 2009 by Daniel Arendt

    Most religious doctrines from day one forward are protean in nature and thus open to different readings. One idea still common to all is that he Absolute is capable of creating transcendences in living persons; even with “one Absolute for all”, there are clergy even in same faiths and religions who ...

  • Reflections of Exodus

    Posted December 29, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

    Reflections of Exodus   As I sit in the morning dew, I feel the rain drop on my face; I realize I am given grace.  It is the most beautiful opportunity to see God shine the sun on the poor and the rich.  It is a beautiful opportunity to taste the rich drop of rain that falls in the ...

  • Sad story with Happy endding new begin pat3

    Posted December 29, 2009 by Rev.Mike Allen

    Yesterday I took tommy to the doctor and the doctor told  him that everthing is fine  so his mom dad came over to for dinner  we sit their  eat dinner had fun lastnight but was fun . So last night  on the chat rita bro michael  and freind  but tommy watch the chat ...

  • helpless

    Posted December 29, 2009 by Marian Durden

    I truly do not understand how our computer program!! Anyone want to be my teacher?

  • Oh my this is what i needed

    Posted December 29, 2009 by Rev. Mark Shepard

    Proverbs 56:11 Oh my this is what i needed

  • Living with doubts

    Posted December 28, 2009 by Sr. Meg Britton

    On Christmas Eve, I watched a movie called The Nativity Story. As I watched the scenes of the Christ Child's birth unfold, I found myself longing for the time when belief was such a simple thing, when I believed fully in the Christmas story as told in the Bible without wavering or questioning. ...

  • My Life Before I Was Baptised

    Posted December 28, 2009 by Reverend Brandon Box

    Before I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, alot of things happened in my life that I'm not proud of: I was a habitual liar. I hated everyone around me. I hated myself. I was a Satanist. I became addicted to drugs. I got involved with alot of criminal types. I sold drugs to children....

  • The Increase Journey

    Posted December 28, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

    There is an eternal dance happening throughout the whole universe.  Cosmic worlds on the micro-levels and the macro-levels spiral their way through time and times becoming strings of vibrations and gases that form everything material, including me...and even, you.  And together, ...

  • Putting aside our differences

    Posted December 28, 2009 by Jizo Hodo Thompson

                      Through true honesty,                         deeply believe    &...

  • Reflections of Genesis

    Posted December 28, 2009 by Keisha Merchant

    Reflections of Genesis   In the morning I wake up wondering what the beginning agenda is for the day.  As I begin to start my day I take the time to do my breathing exercises.  I realize that God is somewhat a marvelous mystery that proves that we are made into the image of God, wom...

  • 12/31/09--co-creating heaven on earth

    Posted December 28, 2009 by Cheryl Salerno

    Let's harness the power in the heavens to co-create heaven on earth for us all... thank you, Patricia Diana, for this inspiration:   2010, A  POWERFUL  NEW  YEAR! by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles January 1, 2010 http://eraofpeace.org It is hard to believe that we h...

  • all are invited to join gods love for all chilren

    Posted December 27, 2009 by Eric Kelly

    i'm sending a invetion to all they are all welcome to join the group. god bless  you  all  Rev. Eric S. Kelly

  • Sad story with Happy endding Part2

    Posted December 27, 2009 by Rev.Mike Allen

    Sorry everone i made. a goof he not going go to mo going going to neb sorry for the goof up . This was great year the young came over xams eve had dinner with us and  xams day had dinne let stay at the house got all clean up i have  extra bed which he love said big bed bed  he fall sl...

  • Christmas Roots and Yule

    Posted December 27, 2009 by Jay Mischa (Lady Jayden) Hampton

    Christmas-Yule    It may come to a shock to you but many Pagans get just as excited for Christmas as Christians. Though usually it is called by a different title, Yule from the (Angelo-Saxon word Yula, meaning "Wheel of the Year"). It usually comes around the 21st because it is the Win...

  • The First Christmas by Stephen York

    Posted December 27, 2009 by Stephen York

    It all began with a tax bill and a government order that everyone should return to the place of their birth for a census.  The trip to Bethlehem was a matter of compliance, not a honeymoon.  There was no waiver for pregnant mothers, no regard for convenience or inconvenience.  And so ...

  • Faith or Radicalism

    Posted December 27, 2009 by Rev Robert Fuller

    In all faiths there are radicals,literalistic, single minded people that can not except any other  interpretation of the scriptures no matter what document or historical artifact one produces.           They go after those that do not agree with the...

  • Allowing others....

    Posted December 27, 2009 by Christl Buskohl

    Watching a loved one or a peer traverse a path littered with stumbling blocks can be immensely painful. We instinctively want to guide them toward a safer track and share with them the wisdom we have acquired through experience. Yet all human beings have the right to carve their own paths without be...

  • hope holidays where great for all

    Posted December 26, 2009 by Eric Kelly

     hope all had a great holiday .please be save for new years  will keep all in prayer for the new years .  hope to see you in 2010. god blees you. Rev.Eric  Kelly

  • In All

    Posted December 26, 2009 by Rev. Mark Shepard

    In all things Pray A-men

  • recent poll for a student friend, who was the Melchizedek

    Posted December 26, 2009 by Rev Robert Fuller

    I was conducting this poll for someone who is attending the BBC titled who was the Melchizedek , to be honest I was praying for more thatn 5 votes for his study. Below is some scripture and information that may help. We do not care how you vote, but please vote.       ...

  • Is The ULC Monastery a Church?

    Posted December 26, 2009 by Jeff Austin

    Is The ULC Monastery a church?   This basic question appears to be unclear to some people.  The simplest answer is absolutely.   It is a religious organization whose primary purpose is to promote ecumenical communication, leaning and understanding across the breath of the relig...

  • Terrified by the discussions I saw over the last two days!!!

    Posted December 26, 2009 by Nick Brown

    I am truly appalled by the horrible things people have said about others that I have seen lately. I will not name any names because no one I believe is innocent due to the eventual nature in which things unfolded. However I will say that I am very saddened by the way people will turn statements into...

  • translation

    Posted December 25, 2009 by Rev Robert Fuller

    I find it very interesting that you would sign your comment "Maranatha" Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase occurring once only in the New Testament and also in the Didache which is part of the Apostolic Fathers collection. It is transliterated into Greek letters rather than translated, and is found at ...


    Posted December 25, 2009 by Deleted Member

    HELLO EVERYONE. I am interested in talking to anyone who has heard stories from grandparents or other family ORAL TRADITION surrounding The Underground Railroad: MOTHERNANHI@aol.com. 

  • Indiana Marriages

    Posted December 25, 2009 by Rev. DR. Russel Williams

    July 1, 2009 the law in Indiana changed for the performance of weddings. All remains the same as before except "Sec.(b)" was added, as shown below. SOURCE: IC 31-11-6-1; (09)SB0088.1.1. -->     SECTION 1. IC 31-11-6-1 IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2009...

  • How do you know I'm Wrong, Not knowing My True Belief

    Posted December 25, 2009 by Rev Robert Fuller

      Anonymous:                                You are correct spreading the one truth is a Christian's purpose.     ...

  • Merry Christmas

    Posted December 24, 2009 by Pastor Timothy Harris

    I would like to tell everyone Merry Christmas or whatever you have today. You know I have been thinking and it scares me sometimes. I think that it is time to start telling the truth. Christ was not born on Dec. 25th. It is time that we come out of the shadows of the Pope and stop letting the Cathol...

  • 12/25/09

    Posted December 24, 2009 by Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts

    i just wanted to say since its 12:00 am est and soon it will be 12:00 am cst then 12:00 am in mountain time then 12:00 am in pst, alaskan and hawian time. so here it goes.   Merry Christmas All And All A Good Night   ~Reverend Rita Lee Shotts

  • Standing alone in a crowded room

    Posted December 24, 2009 by Rev. Mark Shepard

    Have you ever loved someone that just downright dont love you or never match the same love that you give out? For years you love and love in all things just as God tells you to do and still no change. When you try to talk about it there starts an augement all because you ask to be loved, respec...

  • Matters of Faith

    Posted December 24, 2009 by Rev Robert Fuller

        I do not personally believe that any Christian would disagree with the validity of the Torah.          I also would agree that there are those fundamentalist who use their beliefs and prejudices to impose their will on others, just as the P...

  • Sad story with Happy endding

    Posted December 24, 2009 by Rev.Mike Allen

    Ever year my freinds and i go over to the homelless selter to feed  people  yes once year  we put on a xams dinner for them and they love it  So went over their early in the morning  to start cooking the dinner  trukey with everting and  pies  coffee milk ...

  • Blessing for a Happy Holiday

    Posted December 24, 2009 by Nick Brown

    To all the ministers and clergy of the Universal Life Church and others may you all be blessed with a glorious Holiday and may the blessings of Mother and Father God be ever present in your hearts, minds and spirits throughout this time. May you always thirst and hunger for the grace of heaven ...

  • my sincere feelings towards todays events. please read this

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts

    Walking home from the store i noticed a smoke cloud all sudden i walked over to the area and saw the fire chiefs truck. and 2 fire trucks coming and more fire trucks coming from other areas. all i can say is a nice merry christmas to the people. yeah right my feelings are hurt and i want to cry. why...

  • I wish for you enough

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Christl Buskohl

    I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wantin...

  • I hope for you.

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Jizo Hodo Thompson

                                        Joyfulness            is freeing others from unhappiness and             ...

  • children understanding christmas

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Eric Kelly

    we should teach the children about what christmas is all about christ birth. and what he did by being born on this day. happy holidays. Rev. Eric Kelly

  • Kissed On The Grave, By A Rose Named Jessica

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

    "I don't know why we're meeting..." I said to the room full of doctors and nurses. "She's dead, right? Legally and clinically dead and there no chance of her being revived?" A young nurse gently touches my arm, "Well, Mr. Lee, the annurism bled into her skull so fast, ti sufficated he...

  • Can we help change a life style?

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Pastor Berl Watters

    With times the way it is we find everyone hurting in some way. So I ask how can we change our life style in America to bring us back to our founding fathers values? Some say it can't happen, I say we can. This is something I am looking at hard and would like feedback from others. God Ble...

  • Keeper's Blog

    Posted December 23, 2009 by Rev. J. Keith Sowell

    Although I know many who I believe are atleast in part decsended from Apes, I am personally a decsendant of Adam. I also don't believe that any of my Ancestors had secret relations with Apes either. I see a lot of people who act like monkey's and it makes me wonder about their own lineages...

  • The Children Of One God

    Posted December 22, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

    1st Epistle of Peter 2:6 - For in Scripture it says: "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame." 2:7 - Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, "The stone the builders rejected ...


    Posted December 22, 2009 by Deleted Member

    We do not need eyes or ears to know that GOD is there nor do we need STRONG arms or legs to know his STRENGTH within our spirit. AS for being raised from the dead and the POOR becoming RICH in HIS KINGDOM...it is ALREADY DONE !  THE blind SEE God and the LAME walk in HIS ways the same way tha...

  • those perform weddigs

    Posted December 22, 2009 by Eric Kelly

    we need to remind couples that they should ask god to bless there wedding. and to be they at the joyest time .lot of wedding the couple do not invite god to there wedding. we should alaways ask god to are wedding. god bless you . Rev. Eric Kelly

  • children asking about god and heaven

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Rev.Frank Matwyuk

    I Have been a dad of three daughters ages 5,3 and 8months, and its getting to the point to were my 5yr old is starting to ask my wife and I about god, Heaven, angels, were do people go when they die, and why do people pray before bed or at dinner, now remember my daughter is only 5yrs old and my wif...

  • A Baby Changed Everything ... on Christmas - Homily

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Manuel Leyden

     A Baby Changed Everything on Christmas Day Music by: Faith Hill Summarized by: M.J. Leyden   "Teenage girl, much too young Unprepared for what’s to come A baby changes everything”   A baby that was born in a dirty, cold and gross Stable that was to save the world, because t...

  • really do not look forward to this time of year

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Azri LittleHawk

      i get tired of  people  saying "he is the reason for the season"  actualy, he's  not. He is the excuse the Catholic church used to make a winter celebration to turn the Pagans from their  Gods to the Catholic/Christian  "God".     the Cathol...

  • Reverend/Priestess Aeris Sky Ritalee's Christmas Sermon

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts

    Good evening or afternoon depending where you are at. i want to speak about christmas and speak of my christmas sermon for you. i regret not getting my thanksgiving sermon so this is my sermon for you all. Christmas is to celebrate jesus life. i love celebrating it. some people say its a pagan holi...

  • What we need

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Rev. Mark Shepard

    Send it Down Your Glory The weight of Your Glory for we need Your Glory My Father i Need you Right now live in my praise live in my worship unto You My Father for in the name of Jesus i give this praise thank you Lord my God

  • to all we will celebrate christ birth

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Eric Kelly

    may he bring joy to  us . ask him to be with us on his birthday. give us peace to do his work even on his birthday .please don't forget to give thanks to him and all who serve in the military who are fighting for are great country. god blees you all rev eric kelly

  • Are you strong

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Rev. Mark Shepard

    In clear days we can all see the beauty of what God has done from the promises made kept and forfilled. So why do we forget when it starts to rain and the way is cloudy Do you not Have Faith that if He did it the last time He will do it again how strong are you?

  • What if everything you believed was a lie?

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Dr. Anthony ADRIAN

    Regardless on what religion or non-religion you are in at this time....what if?  What if you woke up tomorrow and everything you had thought was true was a deception? A deception formed by people that stood to profit from your ignorance. Not just on one small area but every facet of your exis...

  • The Interfaith Creed

    Posted December 21, 2009 by Patriarch ISAAC

    The Interfaith Creed I believe in one God who goes by many names and is worshipped throughout the world. My God doesn’t care what name I use as long as I give honor. From this God came forth all humans who are created equal as brothers and sisters of this world. Each of us, no matter what we beli...

  • lovin life

    Posted December 20, 2009 by Randy Watts

    you know you hear all the time god loves you but do you ever really get to feel it in your heart i know i do but what do u think?

  • happy holidays to all

    Posted December 20, 2009 by Eric Kelly

    Hope all have a great holidays , Great new year . May god bless us all  to bring gods word to the children of god. .may this group get more people this coming year .may god give us the strenght  to keep preaching his word to all. May god bless you all on this holiday and be safe. &#...


    Posted December 20, 2009 by Dr. Richard Carver Druid Of Green Oaks

    I was listening to the radio and heard this song..I cant remember who sang it but I think its called "Anyways"   the chorus kinda goes..." yes i will love you, I will always love you, anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"


    Posted December 19, 2009 by BAYLEN CLARKE


  • Circle (A Poem of Becoming)

    Posted December 19, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

        I have seen the ancient mirror that leads me. I have seen its ruthless eyes that always stare, burrowing their way to the crown I wear. I have sensed the holy fire like a blazing cocoon that offers no judgments amidst its power strewn. I have felt the innocent light. Of ...

  • The Trial: The Content of Character

    Posted December 19, 2009 by Charles Lee, Jr

    "There will come a day, when a man is not judged by the color of his skin; but by the content of his character." "All darkness; conflict; confusion and evil will be faded into light, like waking from a bad dream, because men will look in the eyes of each other, and see their brother." "h...

  • The real that want Real

    Posted December 18, 2009 by Rev. Mark Shepard

    Sometimes we want others to see us as the perfect person walking and living the word and never leave room to make a mistake, fall and or just being human. News Flash we are Human and not sinless but through the word of God we sin less so when we walk be real with the people and give the truth for Go...

  • who can wear a clergy shirt?

    Posted December 18, 2009 by Tyler Petersen

    As a newly ordained Reverand I would like to know what is allowed without crossing over any rules.

  • Holidays, greetings and atheism

    Posted December 17, 2009 by Sage David Rosman

    My newst commentary has been pposted. I would appreciate your comments concerning th subject and the style of writing. http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/12/17/column-message-season-more-important-religion-behind-it/ Rabbi, Brother, Reverend, Sage David Rosman

  • Transcending Our Paradigm

    Posted December 17, 2009 by Sean Snarr-Jones

      Just For Today Meditative Thought and Affirmations: “Transcending Our Paradigm” Meditative Thought: What paradigms do we hold on to from our past? What have we learned from our parents that has become our truths? What saying did we buy into from an...

  • Happiness for Christmas

    Posted December 17, 2009 by Pastor Timothy Harris

      I think that I have heard about a thousand time " if I could only win the lottery". I think that it would be in everyones faver to go into sermons for the month of January and read " Don't worry, Be Happy" . There is so much trueth in that sermon. That all I would like to do this Christ...

  • License for Weddings in Ohio

    Posted December 17, 2009 by Rev William M Burgess Jr

    I am In Crawford County and went to court house to get licensed in Ohio to do Weddings. I went to the county Clerk Of Courts they said I needed to Go to Probate so I did and they told me to go to Clerk of Courts. so needless to say I got the run around. so now I am asking for help as to what is the ...

  • I am too young i thought

    Posted December 16, 2009 by Dr. Richard Carver Druid Of Green Oaks

    Hey all,            I just wanted to let all you know Friday night around 9pm I had a mild heart attack...I stayed in the hospital overnight and came home saturday afternoon. The doctors say i have what is called Pericarditis which is the tissue tha...


    Posted December 16, 2009 by Deleted Member

    " The people of every country are the only guardians of their own rights and are the only instruments which can be used for their destruction. Our liberty can never be safe but in the hands of the people themselves and that too with a certain degree of instruction." Thomas Jefferson. DO YOU THINK T...


    Posted December 16, 2009 by Deleted Member

    There always comes a time when we have to admit we were wrong, and it never seems to get any easier. No one likes to lose creditability, and sometimes even the smallest mistake can cause humiliation. What we have to remember is that mistakes are a great learning experience, and admitting you are w...

  • A Miracle...

    Posted December 16, 2009 by Patriarch ISAAC

    Do miracles really exist and if they do what really constitutes as a miracle? Does it have to be ordained as some large event that requires trumpets blowing and angels singing as the crowd looks on with shock? Is it required to only be performed from those beyond the physical body? If you answer y...

  • Season of Family

    Posted December 16, 2009 by Patriarch ISAAC

    The air begins to fill with the wonderful aroma of spiced cranberry, cookies baking in the oven, and the crackling sounds of a fire going. As we sit on our favorite spot admiring the music of our favorite holiday tone while relaxing to a cup of hot chocolate. This of course only happens in a perfect...

  • Like Romeo Loved Juliet

    Posted December 15, 2009 by Dr. Richard Carver Druid Of Green Oaks

      Like Romeo loved Juliet   Like the stars love the moon Like the rivers love the fish, that's how much I love you. Because without you the moon would disappear from the sky, the fis...

  • Cookie Cutters

    Posted December 15, 2009 by Lisa Herek

    Last night I went to the grocery store, to pick up some things for my Annual Christmas Cookie Project.  Don't get all excited; all this means is that I bake Christmas cookies every year.  I make a huge mess doing it.  And it's a project. I was looking for a cookie cutter.&#...

  • Overcoming

    Posted December 14, 2009 by Christl Buskohl

    Inspired by a couple who appear to be full of anger and blame, distressed over events and seemingly unable overcome and become greater. The journey that each human being makes through earthly existence can have hardship as often as it is touched by joy. When we encounter adversity, the stress we fe...

  • A man name John

    Posted December 14, 2009 by Rev.William Jackson

    On Dec 13 2009 I was at work when one of my fellow officers asked me  to do a welfare check on an older man standing at his pickup. When I got to the man I asked him if he was ok and if he needed any help, the man turned to me and fell to the ground and became non responsive . For the next th...

  • The Mousetrap

    Posted December 13, 2009 by Rev.Timothy Myrick

    I would like to share a story with every one. The MouseTrap   A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package."What food might this contain?"The mouse wondered.He was devastated to discover  it was a mouse trap.   Retreating into the far...

  • Sermon 12/13/09 Stewardship of Giving

    Posted December 13, 2009 by Jeff Austin

    Stewardship of Giving     Tough economic times impacts everyone, many of us have a desire to give, but the daily grind of making ‘ends meet’ wears down our generosity.  In the end, we keep it for ourselves, just to get that little something extra.  Is this how it should be?&...

  • Today Is Possibly A Day

    Posted December 13, 2009 by Joshua Cripe

    Yesterday, the day of my ordination (Thanks to the Good Folks here at ULC), I layed upon my bed and thought. My mind wandered through and wondered about many different things, from obscenities and love to pain and despair. I wondered why people chose to do bad things. I wondered what it meant to lov...

  • Blogs and Polls

    Posted December 12, 2009 by Jeff Austin

      I read the blogs and polls usually several times a day.  I am blessed with the free time that many of you do not have.  I know how fortunate I am in that respect.   I don’t want to start any more of the bickering, but I have a challenge for ULC ministers here at the Network...


    Posted December 11, 2009 by Rev. Sir Patrick Shinkle

      There should be no need to express credibility when blind faith is in order.      I know this is rather lengthy and I want you to know me and my Son.   I would like to take you back six years prior to being a cop. In 1971, I had enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed ...

  • Accused of being a satanist?

    Posted December 11, 2009 by Rev. Jon Cobb

    This is a strange thing.  I've been accused of being Satan by my girlfriend because she saw the different symbols in the ULC banner.  Bear in mind that she isn't open to anything else but Christianity and Protestant at that.  She doesn't think that ULC is a real church ...

  • “USA Today”, Are Catholics/Protestants REALLY Superstitious?

    Posted December 10, 2009 by Daniel Arendt

    Remember how this Spring Congress “had” to ever-after bailout Hollywood, inter alia, so any amount they claim (especially for movies fitting government political agendas) moviegoers spent will at least LOOK plausible? Unless there’s a reason(s) they were so bankrupt they needed FedCash, which they S...

  • People that say there is nothing in the Bible about homosexuality

    Posted December 10, 2009 by Rev.William Jackson

    I am surprised how many people can say that Jesus nor God said any thing about homosexuality when infact they did God said in Leviticus 18:22   22'(A)You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination. Leviticus 18:22 : Lev 20:13; Deut 23:18 mg; R...

  • Prepairing for a long court battle

    Posted December 9, 2009 by Jeremy Evans

    The state of Tennessee says the weddings I have performed are now null and void ,as do to the fact I am not a minister of a accepted denomination. Nor did I go to a school to become a minister.

  • The Relationship Between Science and God and the Future of Religion

    Posted December 9, 2009 by Jesse Harrison

    As a firm believer that God is a greater whole (a force of nature, or nature itself) I often find that science continues to present theories suggesting the very notion of a greater entity that composes all of us.  In essence, current theory suggests that a large porttion of life is random (Quan...

  • Non-Holiday Diversity Story

    Posted December 9, 2009 by Jeff Austin

    A friend posted this on Facebook.  It is a very good non-holiday diversity story.   www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-goldstein9-2009dec09,0,1029064.story

  • Holidays

    Posted December 9, 2009 by Christl Buskohl

    Holidays and joy are two elements of our lives that are naturally intertwined. Traditional celebrations awaken within us an ardent desire to reconnect with the people we care about and to share our abundance. During the holiday season, we feel more driven to actively practice compassion, tolerance, ...

  • The Ten Commandments of Mother Earth

    Posted December 9, 2009 by Rev. Jennifer Ollice, LMP

    I. Thou shalt love and honour the Earth for it blesses thy life and governs thy survival. II. Thou shalt keep each day sacred to the Earth and celebrate the turning of its seasons. III. Thou shalt not hold thyself above other living things nor drive them to extinction. IV. Thou shalt give than...

  • MY GOD

    Posted December 8, 2009 by Rev.Timothy Myrick


  • Religion

    Posted December 8, 2009 by Rev.William Jackson

    I would like to talk about something I have seen over the years. I was raised in a family that loves God and fallows Jesus and I have put my life in Jesus hands for it is he that will bring me to ever lasting life. Here is were I have ran into a problem,Religion ,people have come to a place in th...

  • Receive all that we wish for.

    Posted December 8, 2009 by Jizo Hodo Thompson

      When we think only of sincerely               helping all others,              not ourselves,   we will find that we receive all that we wish for.