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  • January 6, 2017 3:30 PM PST

    Working at the Superioir Court with judges in civila trials and having read so much on on law and having taught the subject at college, I notice there is a great of misundersanding as to what is SHARIAH LAW. 



    I shall be most delighted to hear your vies and atkes on thhis subject and step in give my comments.

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    February 19, 2017 7:06 AM PST

     I would agree with you there is a lack of understanding about Shariah Law. Would you consider post one concept a week to educate us with some Q&A

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    August 16, 2017 9:25 AM PDT

    Alot of people misunderstand and misinterpret the Sharia and FIQH and they really need to be taught together to have a better understanding of the context and spirit of the law (maxiim and maqasid) and the process of how an islamic legal ruling or fatwa becomes issued. I appluad your efforts to bring about better understanding of Sharia, FIQH and the Islamic beliefs. The fact that qualified islamic scholars are rare to find, and even harder to find ones open to interfaith dialogue, the need for open dialogue and true benefifical knowledge that is easily understood is desperately needed.


    Alot of qualified islamic scholars are not offered positions as Islamic leaders within the community because of others who i call Sheikh Google or Imam Bing and within most muslim communities they prefer a friend or buddy who is not knowledgable in the religion and only have a skittles skill set based on a google or bing internet search instead of the learnt scholars who studied in reputable islamic colleges and universitities across the globe for years because these scholars maybe are less popular or lesser known within the community or still establishing themslves with citizenship or immigration matters so then are overlooked for positions of Islamic leadership within the community.  Coming from a muslim background i see this happen frequently.  

    I didnt mean to rant, but i know many reputable islamic scholars who have been denied positions because the community preffered Sheikh Google such as a friend like Mr. Popularity or Mr. Frommyhometownandhomecountry  or Mr. Samemadhabormetholdology over someone who was actually qualified to lead the community. 





  • September 13, 2017 6:37 PM PDT

    Like Christianity, Shariah Law has different meanings and Laws for different sects, Some are more stringent with strict laws, while others are more lax and excepting. It also depends on which part of the world you live. Some allow the Marriage of very young women, while some simply won't allow it and condone it. I personally know a Muslim Family that live the ways of the western Societies. The Husband said that his Wife has the Choice of wearing the Hijab or Not. She CHOOSES to wear it, while their daughter CHOOSES Not to wear it, and she doesn't. The Sunni's, Shiites and Kharijites are the 3 major sects and each have Specific Laws to follow and each will call them Shariah Laws.