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A Forum for Each Nation / christian resource

  • February 25, 2017 7:39 PM PST

    Welcome. i am building an online forum, which will cost nothing to members, open to all christian ministers, bible colleges, evangelists.

    Members in USA will be able to have membership of the general USA forum, and the State forum where your ministry is registered: in some cases, where there are many churches, a forum for a specific city or 'hub' of activity will be formed in which you may post.

    likewise, India also has specific state forums.

    YOU WILL NEED:  A LINKED IN PROFILE, ESTABLISHED WITH FACE PHOTO.   you will need to join the forum via the forum site.

    profiles are FREE and are intended to show how /god is being glorified through mission and activity.... your 'signature section' may be used to hyperlink a googlemap of your outreach, your publications, etc.

    there is provision for those churches sending mission abroad to also access the forum of the nation to which the mission or missionary has been sent.

    POSTS will be for general topics, sharing insight in mission, giving tips; and anything which brings unity or collaborative action inspired by the Holy Spirit. IT IS NOT A FORUM FOR PREACHING AT OTHERS OR BIBLE-THUMPING.

    if you would like to get involved, message me.